Wednesday , May 18 2022

Chelsea alleged that he did not blame Andreas Christenshan's father


Chelsea has been accused of having violated the laws of FIFA and Premier League by giving illegal donations to Andreas Christensen's father to sign Denmark in the international defense.

According to documents obtained by the Football Leafs, the records of the Danish newspaper Politkin have been recruited by Chelsea Stan Christensen who signed Andres from Brundby six years ago.

According to the copies of the Treaty of Chelsea, signed by the Portuguese, Christensen Sr was born on July 1, 2012 in the club. Additionally, VAT paid £ 11,400 a month for £ 656,640 for four years.

Brandbye was working as a goalkeeping coach of the Danish club. The Politico claims that there was no proof of a scouting for the club during that period. There have been allegations that five players violating laws for signing foreign players below the age of 18 were Chefia, Chelsea, Stein Christensen's Roll, or his payments in violation of the Premier League rules.

Everton and Liverpool were fined by the Premier League and in recent years signed up with under-18 players, the price of young players was increased. The governing bomb has revealed that "Are there any facts that may violate our laws?"

Stein Christensen Politicyn responded: "You're like a story from someone in Ukraine or something like that and I do not have any comment and I'll have to ask Chelsea about it." He said, "It's not a matter to be discussed," Chelsea said. If you want, go back. "

We are not prepared to disclose things related to a conference.

According to FIFA's probe, the documents submitted against the Manchester City Football League in Quintan, English top flight clubs. Manchester City is trying to break the Premier League rules to sign Christensen, one of the 28 club offers. Before signing to Chelsea.

A city documentary "Economic Summation of Youth Acquisitions", valued at £ 430,000 for Christmas on January 6, 2012. And a "£ 230,000 pound family". This document says: "Chelsea have these numbers."

Manchester City said, "We are not hacked or stolen from City Football Team, Manchester City employees and relatives.

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