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Combination Report for Mobile Edge Computing and Network Sliding Optimizes 2018-2023 for Networks, Applications and Services


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"5G Optimization: Mobile Edge Computing and Network Sliding 2018 – 2023" added report Of Offering.

Logo of Research and Markets

The research supports the telecom and IT ecosystem with mechanical, computing infrastructure procurement, regulated service traders, carriers and OTT providers. Our MEC analysis focuses on the company's strategies and responsibilities in relation to the need for an existing and pre-planned future market.

The report is designed to include the evolution of the world edge computing market, the industry vertical, the field of the world, the application and the service. It provides predictions for streaming data and real-time data analytics based on MEC.

One of the most important aspects of 5G is the ability to optimize network usage, applications and services. Many of the uses for 5G enabled 5 apps and services are different in different types of industry, vertical focus and demand. Each case requires its own requirements and related network settings.

5G network slicing is a part of the managed QoS configuration that is available to these different usage cases over time.

The essential component of the 5G network, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), provides the optimization of the fifth generation network resources. Without MEC, 5G will continue to depend on the clouded cloud resource and computing, which reduces 5G enabled latency reduction.

In other words, MEC enables users to collect very high data directly through direct access to the internet rather than depend on the traffic on the cellular network.

The research is also evaluating technology and market outlook for 5G network sliding. This report provides analysis of market opportunities including configuration management, performance management, service level contracts etc. The 5G Network Slicing Report also reports that smart manufactures, especially remote monitoring, supply chain management, asset management, real time monitoring and network monitoring,

In addition, it provides an assessment of the major segments like 5G network sliders in Consumer, Enterprise and Industrial IOT. Global predictions for each sector, 523 networks for Cigging and RF. Get band, application and industry variant available through 2023.

Target Audience:

  • Mobile network operators
  • API management companies
  • SDN and virtualization vendors
  • Service providers controlled by Telecom
  • Wireless / Mobile Infrastructure providers
  • Software, application and content providers
  • RAN, cloud computing, MEC R & D organizations
  • Cloud, CloudDrive Infrastructure, Service Providers

The main topics are:

Mobile Edge Computing Market 2018 – 2023

1.0 Executive summary
1.1 Global Market for Multi-Access Edge Computing
1.2 Regional Market Markets for Multi-access Edge Computing

2.0 Introduction
2.1 Understanding Multiple Access Edge Computing
2.1.1 Edge Computing in an ICT context
2.1.2 Proximity Computing: The Edge in Physical and Logical Context
2.1.3 Edge Computing vs. Other computational approaches
2.1.4 Multi-accessible Edge Computing
Main features of MEC
2.2.1 processing on the Edge
2.2.2 Low latency
As per the 2.2.3 context
2.2.4 Location, Analytics
2.3 MEC benefits
2.3.1 Business Benefits
2.3.2 Technical Benefits
2.3.3 Mobile Network Operator Benefits
2.3.4 Key element of the carrier hierogonous network strategy

3.0 MEC Technology, Platforms, Architecture
3.1 MEC Platform architect Building block
3.1.1 MEC Infrastructure
3.1.2 MEC application platforms
3.1.3 MEC management framework
3.2 Edge cloud computing value chain
3.3 MEC technology building blocks
3.3.1 Radio network information service
3.3.2 Traffic offload function
3.3.3 MEC Interfaces
3.3.4 Configuration Management
3.3.5 Lifetime Cycle Management
3.3.6 VM Operations and Management
3.3.7 Hardware Virtualization and Infrastructure Management
3.3.8 Core network components
3.3.9 Open the criteria
3.4 MEC technology will be enabled
3.4.1 Mobile Computing – Mobile Cloud Computing
3.4.2 Cloud cloud based mobile cloud computing
Cloud to cloud 3.4.3
3.4.4 Packet Cloud Open Platform for gloss
3.4.5 Enterprise Cloud Architecture
3.4.6 Cloudlet Solutions
3.4.7 Cloud Storage Framework
3.5 MEC deployment considerations
3.5.1 MEC implementation challenges
3.5.2 MEC operational challenges

4.0 MEC Market Drivers & Opportunities
4.1 Cloud converts limits
4.2 IT and Telecom Network Convergence
4.3 Basic station evolution
4.4 Aggregation Aggregation
Virtualization in the cloud
4.6 Increase server ranges continuously
4.7 Data Center for network interference
4.8 Open and flexible app and service ecosystem
4.9 Fifth generation (5G) Wireless
4.10 Edge Cloud and Data Transferability
4.11 Proximity cloud computing
4.12 Extremely fast content delivery
Advantages of MEC Small Cell Alignment
Mobile mobile data demand
4.15 Less latency apps
4.16 MEC integration using Cloud RAN
4.17 MEC improves real time data and analytics
4.17.1 What should be the data in the Edge?
4.17.2 Configuring Distributed Cloud and Big Data

5.0 MEC ecosystem system
5.1 The Edel Edge Computing Ecosystem
5.2 MEC Ecclesiastes player
5.2.2 Software and ASP
5.2.3 OTT service and content providers
5.2.4 Network Infrastructure and Devices Provider
5.2.5 Mobile network operators
5.3 Individual company analysis
5.3.1 ADLINK Technology Inc.
5.3.2 Advantech
5.3.3 Akami Technologies
5.3.4 Allot Communications
5.3.5 Advanced Micro Devices
5.3.6 Brokered communication systems
5.3.7 Poovite networks
5.3.8 Zerogen networks
5.3.9 Cisco Systems
5.3.10 Fujits technological solutions
5.3.11 Hewlett Packard Enterprise
5.3.12 Huawei Technologies Company Ltd.
5.3.13 IBM Corporation
5.3.14 Integrated device technology
5.3.15 Intel Corp.
5.3.16 Interglative Inc.
5.3.17 Junior Networks
5.3.18 NEC Corporation
5.3.19 Nokia Corporation
5.3.21 Quarters
5.3.22 Red Hat, Inc.
5.3.23 Saguna networks
5.3.24 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
5.3.25 Sony Corporation
5.3.26 Slider cloud wireless
5.3.27 Veson networks
5.3.28 Xilinx, Inc.
5.3.29 Yana Ltd.
5.3.30 ZTE Corporation

6.0 MEC application and service strategy
Optimizing the mobile cloud 6.1
6.1.1 Mobile Network Operator Strategies
6.1.2 Service strategies and end-user demands
6.2 Contest intervention services
6.2.1 Business
6.2.2 Education
6.2.3 Gaming
6.2.4 Health
6.2.5 Location-based services
6.2.6 Public Safety
6.2.7 Connected vehicles
6.2.8 Wearable
6.3 Data services and analytics
6.3.1 Localized real-time data becomes king
6.3.2 Analysis of local and real-time data for third-party applications
6.3.3 Increase data for data in MAC environment (d)

7.0 Prediction Mobile Edge Computing 2019 – 2025
7.1 Mobile Edge Computing Markets Components
7.1.1 According to the Mobile Edge Computing Cloud Server Market
7.1.2 Mobile Edge Computing Equipment Market Section ($ Million)
7.1.3 Mobile Edge Computing Platform Market ($ Million) Category
7.1.4 Mobile Edge Computing Software and APP Markets ($ Million) in Vertical Category
7.1.5 Mobile Edge Computing is categorized as a service market
7.2 Mobile number computing users number of network predictions
7.3 Use Edge Mobile Edge Computing Markets technology
Analytics Type 7.3.1 Mobile Edge Computing Markets
7.4 Mobile Edge Computing Markets Applications
Mobile Edge Computing Markets by 7.5 End-Users
7.6 Mobile Edge Computing Markets by Industry
7.7 Geographical Markets for Mobile Edge Computing
7.7.1 North America
7.7.2 Europe
7.7.3 APAC

8.0 APPENDIX A: Real-Time Data Analytics Revenue
8.1 Global Streaming Data Analytics Revenue
8.2 Global Real-time Data Analytics returns through application, software and services
8.3 Global Real-Time Data Analytics Revenue in Industrial Vertical
8.3.1 Data Analytics returns in real retail
8.3.2 Real-time data analytics revenue in telecom and IT
8.3.3 Real-time data analytics revenue in energy and utility
8.3.4 Real-time data analytics revenue in government
8.3.5 Real-time data analytics revenue in health and life sciences
8.3.6 Real-time data analytics revenue in manufacturing
8.3.7 Real-time data analytics revenue in guarantee and logistics
8.3.8 Real Time Data Analytics Revenue In Banking & Finance
8.3.9 Realtime data analytics revenue in smart cities
8.3.10 Real time data analytics revenue in automotet
8.3.11 Live data analytics returns in education
8.3.12 Live Data Analytics returns on Outsourcing services
8.4 Real Time Data Analytics Revenue Leader via Vendor Platform
8.4.1 Global investment in industry data

9.0 APPENDIX Two: 5G Technology and Solutions
9.1 Market Definition of 5G
9.2 Evolution of mobile communication standards (1G to 5G)
9.3 Introduction to 5G Technologies
9.4 5G Spectrum options and usage
9.5 What is the 5G technology offer?
9.5.1 5G network facilitates fast and expensive services
9.6 Key Gains of 5G and Growth Drivers
9.7 Challenges for 5G
9.7.1 Comprehensive growth and service nature in technical specifications
9.7.2 Standardization challenges
9.7.3 Network Challenges
9.7.4 Mobile Device Challenges
9.7.5 App challenges
9.8 5G roadmap
9.8.1 5G requirements
9.8.2 5G Wireless Subsystem
9.8.3 Network Virtualization & Software Networks
9.8.4 Conversion Connectivity
9.9 Use 5G applications
9.9.1 M2M and IOT 5G
5.2 in robotics
9.9.3 Up to 5G in progress and virtual reality
9.9.4 Home Internet in 5G
9.9.5 Wireless Office 5G
9.9.6 Other use cases
High Speed ​​Train
Remote computing Non Stationary Hot Spots 3D connectivity: Aircraft
Natural disaster Public Safety Context Amer Service
9.10 Business opportunities

Networking on 5G networks 2018 – 2023

1 Executive summary

2 Introduction
2.1 Network sliding
Enables Technologies
2.2.1 Software Defined Networks (SDN)
2.2.2 Network Function Virtualization (NFF)
2.2.3 SDN and NFV for 5G Universities

3 5G Network Slicing Market Analysis and Next
Global Market forays 2018 – 2023
3.1.1 Total 5G network sliding markets
5 G Netly Sliding Market at 3.1.2 Segment 5G network sliding technology markets 5G Network Cutting RFF Corners Market 5 Gig Network Slicing Service Markets 5G network slicing professional service market 5G Network Sliding Network Management Service Market 5 GW network slicing que service market clients 5G network sliding management service market 5G network Slicing Life Cycle Management Service Market 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് കോണ്ഫിഗറേഷൻ മാനേജ്മെന്റ് സർവീസ് മാർക്കറ്റ് 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് പെർഫോമൻസ് മാനേജ്മെന്റ് സർവീസ് മാർക്കറ്റ് 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈഡ് SLA സേവന ക്ലയന്റ്സ് മാർക്കറ്റ് 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലാക്കിംഗ് നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് ഓർക്കിസ്ട്രേഷൻ സർവീസ് മാർക്കറ്റ്
3.1.3 RF സ്പെക്ട്രം ബാൻഡുകൾ വഴി 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് മാർക്കറ്റ്
3.1.4 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് ആപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ മാർക്കറ്റ് 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് കൺസ്യൂമർ IoT ആപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ മാർക്കറ്റ് 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് എന്റർപ്രൈസ് / ഇൻഡസ്ട്രി ഐ.ഒ.ടി ആപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ മാർക്കറ്റ് 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് സ്മാർട്ട് മാനുഫാക്ചറിംഗ് ആപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ മാർക്കറ്റ്
3.1.5 വ്യവസായ വെര്ട്ടിക്കനുസരിച്ച് 5 ജി നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് സ്ലൈസിംഗ് മാർക്കറ്റ്
3.2 റീജിയണൽ മാർക്കറ്റ് കാലാവസ്ഥാ പ്രവചനം 2018 – 2023

4 നിഗമനങ്ങൾ, ശുപാർശകൾ

ഈ റിപ്പോർട്ടിനെക്കുറിച്ചുള്ള കൂടുതൽ വിവരങ്ങൾക്ക് സന്ദർശിക്കുക

ഞങ്ങൾ ഇച്ഛാനുസൃത ഗവേഷണം വാഗ്ദാനം ചെയ്തതായി നിങ്ങൾക്കറിയാമോ? കൂടുതൽ അറിയാനും ഞങ്ങളുടെ കസ്റ്റം റിസർച്ച് മാനേജറുമായി ഒരു മീറ്റിംഗ് നടത്താനും ഞങ്ങളുടെ ഇഷ്ടാനുസൃത ഗവേഷണ പേജ് സന്ദർശിക്കുക.

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