Tuesday , February 7 2023

Cork Euromillians Plus Players is asked to test the ticket after winning € 500,000


Cork Euromillians Plus players are being requested to test their tickets after winning the jackpot on Friday.

Some € 500,000 are rich in purchasing their Eurumilian ticket at the Tuhgung Supervalay store on Strand Street in Kantark.

The winning numbers were 03, 21, 34, 42, 50.

Cork Euromillians Plus
The Euromillians Plus winner is still back to Cork. PC: Gareth Cheney Collins

Supervalla manager Kevin Ford, in Kentuk, said: 'Lottery is in the terminal store, checks out in the morning today, customers hope they are a big winner!

& # 39; Already there is a nice talk around the city for us, it is very good to know that one of our customers is rich in millions of dollars this morning.

Cork Euromillians Plus
Cork's third Euromillians Plus has won over two weeks because the lucky shop selling the latest € 500,000 ticket has been announced as Tuhg's Superval Store on Strand Street in Kantark.

& # 39; We will enjoy celebration at the store today and anybody has bought a ticket with us for a draw and encourages us to test the tickets. & # 39;

It is the third time in two weeks that the rebel € 500,000 worth Eurumilians Plus was sold in the top prize County

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