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Dart's match of Gary Anthony, after failing to challenge opponents



November 18, 2018 14:53:51

In the final match at Wollardhampton, England played two matches in the last two Tests. A competition in the competition of the Dartmunds Grand Slam was a surprise.

Key points

  • Gary Andersen and Wesley Har, in the final match of the Grand Slam of Dartes Tournament in Wolverhampton, were in the second and third matches.
  • Professional Dart Corporation (PDC) Competition in Dart's Grand Slams Competition British Dird Organization (BDO)
  • PDC Chairman Barry Herre controversies "

World number one world champion Gary Anderson is at number 47 in the quarter-finals. But the Dutch rival Wesley Harms (34), during the Scottsman, was a "delicious smell" contest.

"It will take me two nights to lose this smell from my nose," said a post-match interview with Dark TV Standing RTL.

But the first thing that Anderson tried to repair the world was nothing but tries to blame the opponent.

"I thought he was going to fight on the Wesley Stage?" RNL reporter asked in an interview on Post-Internet.

Anderson gave a completely graphic account of why the interviewer could not be a criminal when he was negative. (Warning – He uses some colorful language during his refusal.)

After the smell became clear, Anderson believed that the Dutch was the Dutchman's culprit.

"That was bad, so bad, and he started playing the best players."

"Hands-up, I swear in my children's life, help me, get nothing, [it wasn’t me].

"Normally when I climbed on the stage, I knew you were talking to me in a documentary," Anderson added.

"If I'm fighting and all that's let loose, I'm laying hands, I'm sorry, I'll have to go. & # 39;

Anderson denies any involvement in the creation of odor, and began to interact with other people including Russell Braine at the stage limits.

"There are three other sons you had," Anderson said, "his opponent, scorer and match referee.

"Every time I went [the table there] It was the drops of rotten eggs. That's why I thought he would be him [Harms]. "

A unique & # 39; unique & # 39; The incident

PDC chairman Barry Hern said in the BBC: "The controversy is" unique "in the professional dart experience.

It was the first time that such a division was heard – he was said to be the most epidemic.

"There's nothing wrong and no worse than silence, it can be run and run."

"I'll be surprised by some exciting games." Heir said that the Dirty Regulatory Authority has the power to suspend players or the lack of professionalism.

It was in 1992 that the leading players who were split from the BDC played a match against the PDC,

It began with a sporting beaming that gained popularity and attracted popularity across the globe. It is second on the UK pay-TV network behind football, behind football.

The joke of the event is a bad business.

"In a much more serious note, it is a high-quality competition for high-pitched athletes – so does not mean to change the program" Fartlands GrandSlam "& # 39;

"They are elite players and we think it's inappropriate."



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