Thursday , June 8 2023

Dundak's Michael Duffy was named PFAI Player of the Year


Dundak's Michael Duffy's Premier Division Player of the Year award at the PPAA awards at the Marketplace Hotel in Dublin

In February and August, the player of the Mang Gang won the trophy for the double winners in 2018.

In the early part of the 2017 season, he completed his first League of Ireland Premier Division Medal for Cheltenham, signed for Dundack.

This week, the Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill described him as "an outstanding player". He said that he was "an acceptable collection of poetry" from the Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

A senior squad has been invited to the 2016 World Cup qualifying team for 12 occasions in Northern Ireland. But he wanted to move to the Republic this year.

Jim McGrath adopted the Duffy's Dundak team. St Patrick's Athletic Championship is 22 years old by the end of 2016. Gary O'Neill was the first division player for the UCD award.

Stephen Kenney received the Premier Division Manager of the Year Award. Dundiner led the second Duckey, and the League 4 th league title in the 5th season.

Collie O'Connor of UCD was also the first division manager of the year, leading the students to the Premier Division.

After completing a century by Enron Omer, who retired this year from international football, a special achievement was considered awards.

Denise O Sullivan, who won the US NWSL Championship with North Carolina Current this year, won the International Women's Footballer of the Year Award. Their international team, Ryan Jarrett, was last night's Continental Titus Women's National League player.

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