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Falcock shares the first screenshots of the next trail, which cheats the PS4 ports of the earlier titles


Falcon's President Toshihiro Condo released new information on two new screenshots and latest entry Trail Series of The Legend of Heroes During the games "Trail Series 15th anniversary commemorative and new title start (?) Special Broadcast "

Here are the images and details:

– Previously Rixia Mao, a young man of the Nord Highlands, and Scarlett were shown in a direct-feed.

Trails new title

Full map of the Zemuria continent

Trails new title

– The two-letter texts related to the future of the series are shown on the cover of the latest issue of Denjki PlayStation. There is speculation that this girl is one of the characters in a big game, because she is a huge stuffed animal.

Trails new title

First screenshot of the latest game in the Trail series.

Trails new title

Second screenshot of the latest game in the Trail series.

Trails new title

  • The project started with the development of a new game engine. The graphics are also high.
  • It can be hard to see in screenshots, the fact that they are printed on paper, but the letters and background views have been totally upgraded. The Legend of Heroes: Trends of Cold Steel IV ~ The End of Saiga ~.
  • The conditions and the characters shown in the screenshots are related to the next heading.
  • This new title is used as a follow up or spin-off-style game. Since crossbell characters appear, many people think, "What about that person?" So this is a game that will show things like, "What does that person do at that time? What were they doing then?"

Condo also answered the question of earlier entries Trail The range will be on PlayStation 4, or if there is a plan to develop more Evolution Titles (Advanced re-release of old titles).

"We also do not like the fact that the options to play our past works disappear with time," Condo said. "I believe our games are timeless, but the consoles are changed periodically, because of that, we want to leave them an option to play them in some way. Trail The series will continue, especially, so being able to look back on the previous titles will be nice. Right now, we want to prepare something to play on PlayStation 4, so we're working on something behind the scenes. "

Condo continued, "If we talk about an easy port, it is not very difficult, but if the graphics rendering method changes, it becomes very difficult."

Finally, he said, "I want to promise to deliver something in some form."

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