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Google Maps adds an enormous arrow to the direction. Turn on now



Just follow the huge blue arrow.

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Trying to follow Google Maps navigation and running at the same time is not always the easiest, especially if you are on a busy street or a jittery connection means that navigation is always a little slow. Guiding the little blue dots can only be a challenge – it's not easy to see and doesn't always direct where you are. Too A new feature in the Google Maps app For iPhone and Android you are 100% crystal clear where you are going to turn. how? By superimposing a huge arrow on the screen to tell you so. It's called Live View, and it's here to help you reach your goal.

The Live View feature presents your surroundings as viewed by your phone's camera, using the AR to place large arrows that tell you exactly when to turn left or right. If you lose, you will not be able to rotate your phone or swivel until you point the arrow in the right direction.

As of now, the Live View is only available for walking king navigation, but we wouldn't be surprised if Google eventually opens it to driving directions, too. (Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.) This week, Google will slowly roll out the function on Android phones and iPhones, so keep checking back.

Here's how to use Live View on your phone.

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Google Maps shows you where you are using AR.


.. Open the Google Maps app on your phone. (Of course, this desktop is not available on desktop navigation.)

2. In the search bar, type the address or business name where you are going and select the location.

3. Tap DirectionsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

4 choose Walk Mark.

5. Tap the blue Live view Button (it's right next to it The beginning Button). Now as you start to get to your destination, a large arrow and street name will appear on your screen to guide you.

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