Sunday , May 22 2022

In Northern Ireland, a failed bid to eliminate Bovine TB costs 500 million pounds


Although the disease has passed an attempt to destroy about 40 million pounds a year, the disease is a common problem.

The rate of infected animals here (12.4%) is double than the Irish Republic (4.9%). These statistics have been released in a report by the Northern Ireland Audit Office published yesterday.

It notes that in the last half century, about 500 million pounds of bovine TB removal program have been spent.

Auditor General Kiran Donnelly said: "The long-running and costly Bovine TB prevention program has not received Bovine TB-free status for Northern Ireland and therefore, can not be seen as a value for money."

Bovine TB is a chronically, infected animal disease. It is difficult to diagnose and eliminate clinically.

The Bovine TB Prevention Program in Northern Ireland was introduced in 1964. After 50 years and spending more than 500 million pounds, the spread of the disease remains high.

This report examines the increasing costs of the program and the progress of the disease. It gives suggestions on adopting a new strategic approach to control the proposals of the Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAEAA) and end at the end.

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