Tuesday , January 31 2023

Jose Mourinho's ban blames Man UT's conspiracy theory


Jose Mourinho has been informed that he will be banned from the team. Manchester United is not supported.

The US Boss found it after she was convinced that she was in a television camera and then it appeared.

After the two goals scored in New Trafford, Newcastle scored two goals, "Phdos Filho's The Punta" and "B *****" October 6.

The FF was surprised at the decision of the independent regulatory commission to ban the ban.

Linguists and lip readers have even been willing to interpret the exact meaning of Maureenh's style. But the US boss argued he was "not 100 percent criminal."

Mourinho opened a porn site to the camera

Unanimous fans have reacted negatively to the news

The Portuguese used his linguist to put his case on his case. The words he used – including the words that can be interpreted as a false word – "expressed in a personal and internal expression of comfort, happiness, and determination". "

The next year, Machincho F-FA will not be banned. It was reported that Manchester Derby would be ready to face Manchester City at Etihad Stadium. This is a remarkable response from US fans.

Can you set up for another character in the stand?

YouTuber Mark Goldbridge wrote on Twitter: "Joe goes back after being sworn in again …. The city has to pay more attention to being cheated by many trophies, of course Etihad Gravity Train."

& # 39; @Notiris Mebs & # 39; He wrote: "Mourinho or EFT should ban a ban, even if the Portuguese are morphing, there was no evidence against him, and now it is clear that now Mauritania has an agenda."

It is a clear agenda and a loose motive for bringing the linguists present to the decision of an independent commission. "- said Saino.

& # 39; Agenda & # 39; and & # 39; City Pro-Que & # 39; , And the arguments.

Are they right or complementary?

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