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Mahad Daddy and Maha Mannani were seedlings on Sony Knol


Once & quot; window cleaner & # 39; In the United States. Sonny has quit.

The 86-year old Dublin singer, Schuband, Ireland, rose to prominence during the Cabaret era.

The Sony was used to leave his hand like a cleaner – his audience liked it and re-fired the same way.

In 2010, Dublin portrayed Sony Knols in The Olympian Theater. Photo: Gareth Chani Collins

Prior to the work of over six decades in music industry, Sony learned to play the ClancyNet and Saxophon in the Dublin School of Music.

Before joining solo in the period of the Cabaren, he joined Johnny Butler Band, Earl Giles Band, Pacific Schuband and Dermot O'Brien Shoband.

Sonny died at home in peace yesterday. Sheela is survived by wife Sheela, children, Isling, Geraldin and Gary.

According to Joe Duffy, the audience, he said, "Son of the ugliest son as a gentleman of nature."

Well-known musician Nelly Call, said that Sony is a good musician and a great man to work with.

"Sony has the pleasure to work, his fingerprint is a professional and a big dealer," Paddy said.

Radio and television presenter Ronan Collins said that he has studied much from Sony. Not an actor, but as a musician, not a musician.

Ronnone was one of many musicians that Sony has been revered at today's LIVeline.

In 2006 Ronnie remembered Sonny when she presented two programs at the National Candidate organized by Promoter Pat AGen.

Soni and team together have made Ronan together. "He was the greatest honor he paid me," Ronan recalled.

"He was very confident – he created all kinds of problems rather than caring for him because of his pornography."

According to Patty Agon, Sony is a modest man in many ways.

Comedian Silks said that Sonny was the king of carbunte when the showdown took place.

"It's a sad day for all those who worked with us," he said.

In the tomb of Sony, Hurley asked him to sing a great album of great artists.

"I love him very much because I loved him very much," Red said.

Irish lyricist, broadcaster, journalist, Shey Healy, Sony an honest singer, honest singer and honest person.

"I liked his company a lot," she said.

His father is "big father and great," says Sonny's daughter, Geraldine Knowles.

I was looking after him in the morning. We realized he was fortunate. He was a pretty, beautiful, beautiful.

His parents were married for 66 years. It is sad to see how close the parents are, "said Geraldine.

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