Saturday , October 1 2022

Mario Tennis Aces Game Shy Guy, Patti Pirna – Adds News


The beginning of the characters in the game in December

Nintendo For two new character trailers started streaming Mario Tennis Aces To switch the game on Monday, the dark guy and boxie have joined the game as the characters in the game of Pirnaah. Nintendo Between 1 December and 1 January, the doubles will leave the characters of class and singles class players respectively, and then they will be available to all players.

The game was launched on June 22. In this game the first story of the series is the mission and boss fights Mario Tennis: Power Tour Game Boy Advance game

Other new characters added by the DLC include: Copa Truppa, Blooper, DD Cong, Birdo, Copa Paratrop, Shyamy Guy and Patti Parahaha.

The game has sold 2.16 copies worldwide on September 30.

Source: Nintendo UK YouTube Channel (link 2)

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