Monday , August 15 2022

Modi met Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey


Recently, Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At their meeting, both discussed the importance of global dialogue on social media.

Jack Dorsy tweeted after meeting their meeting and tweeted. "Thank you Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the prime minister of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, talked about the importance of global dialogues and thank you for your ideas on Twitter." Modi responded: "You are angry with Twitter. I make good friends and each and every day Everyone shows creativity. "

Jack Dorsey is in the first entrance to India. Tibetan spiritual leader met Dalai Lama and Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Twitter is widely used in India as a great social media platform. The politicians are engaged in parliament and use the platform during their election campaign.

& # 39; PowerOff 18 & # 39; The company also started its venture. The aim is to encourage Indian youth to publish public opinion and participate in citizenship intervention in the forthcoming election season.

Jack Dorsey made a township on IIT on Monday. Jack was committed to examining fake news. But he said, there is no solution to this problem. Platforms face social media platforms, rumors, and fake news. Organizations like Facebook and Whatsapp include sensitization programs across the country.

Dorsey and many conversations have discussed that it is very important to deal with the problem, as it can create serious problems or false information. It is an organization that prevents us from spreading any content that is found to be misleading people.

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