Saturday , June 10 2023

More and more depression and anxiety among women


According to a new report by the National Women's Council of Ireland, women are more than twice as likely to feel depression and anxiety than men.

Studies show Ireland has the highest rate of suicide among young girls in Europe.

In the lowest part of Dublin, the NCCI says that women are the first to be suicidal for people to commit suicide as men.

On the basis of conversations with more than 100 women in Ireland to report a special mental health concern for women and girls from Ireland, the Out Of Silence, Women's Mental Health & # 39; Report.

NWCI states that there are steps to be taken to advance precautions and provide precautions.

The first meeting of the Women's Mental Health Network, a new partnership for Voodoo and Saint Patrick's mental health services.

Women have a need to have all the needs of all the people who will fail to protect their needs, "says DHY Women's Health Coordinator Dr. She said Looney.

Doctor & # 39; s Day & # 39; tel Sean O'Neill; According to Lofnann, many women are still the main counter of the house to get to work at work.

Men who commit suicide are more than 24 percent higher than in Irish women.

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