Saturday , June 10 2023

Possible new App Feature makes life even more complex


Jane understands what's going on in this regard.

WhatsApp reports that its users are working on calling vacation mode, which will mute group chat notifications.

Now it may be a decent voice, but that's not all. Currently, users are free to voluntarily fix group chats, but new messages will be displayed at the top of their conversations list when they are sent. Why use it because the continuity of group chat does not mean you can not enjoy the conversations you want.

તેથી, when you do not receive push notifications, the apps icon still has an unpleasant red dot in the corner. Comfort you. You have made it hard for you to read all the messages that you want to ignore.

Instead, using vacation mode, all messages sent to muted group chats will be automatically archived, so you can check in some of the future steps when you put some pressure on them. Or do you know Never good.

WABetaInfo has noticed this feature first and has not yet been launched, yet an launch date is not available yet.

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