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Should You Buy … Surface Headphones?

Microsoft is known worldwide for its software, but in recent years it also focuses on the hardware side of things.

The surface line of 2-in-1 laptop tablets is gaining success at a slow pace for the company, and now Microsofts is heading for the first headphones – with surface headphones.

But with the selection of people caught in the experience of Apple's Beats and others like others, is there a tendency to stand in tight crowds on Microsoft's take-off or is it too late?

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

Design and comfort

The first thing you will notice about surface headphones is that they look really nice following every simple reviewer's Windows Mirror logo, following simple but attractive gray color like main surface machines.

Memory foam cushions wrap around each ear and offer a comfortable level of comfort. Microsoft has said that content is similar to that that Sumo wrestlers provide comfort, and sweat resistance – after the use of two-hour non-stop, there is no need to rearrange due to the Achy, backing ears, which is one. A good sign, however, it would be better to test more on long distance flight.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

The top has a bouncy plastic surface coating to maintain a good feel in the headband, although steel is used to keep it in all places, although it looks bullish.

When you are not using it, you can stretch lengths up to 3cms on each side, you can give plenty of room on your head and sit on your neck and put the right space for the canes.

At 290 g, headphones really feel very light, so they will not lose weight under your head or your bag.

A simple travel case is included, which is a nice touch but in reality, most people will not actually need it.


Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

You will not have to face a bug bear when there are connectivity issues using Surface headphones. Connecting your device to Bluetooth is really easy and headphones detect them quickly too, so there is no need to force your phone to a surprise if there is a problem – to make matters easier, the headphone always starts with the battery level and name that you Connected, you know that everything is up and running.

Touch-sensitive canes act as your control buttons, reacting quickly and accurately to the first time you touch the round made. Five touch gestures to choose from, one tap to play or pause, two tap for the next track, three tap for the previous track, and when you get a phone call, you can do two tapes to answer or end the call and decrease the call. Hold a long single.


Every important question and main issue everyone wants to know is the sound – it delivers?

Microsoft has certainly packed in plenty of quantities to play, but try the different types of song that is the best way to evaluate the sound.

Trying out the work of Rihanna, Bash is completely overwhelming without drowning his voice – and does not shudder your head.

Folk songs like Celine Dion's The Power of Love retain strong vocals and immersive instrumentements.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

And under the rocky path, Papa Roach's last resort allows vehicles to dominate the singer properly.

Overall, sound quality is good – but many other headphones in the market are equivalent.

It says, canceling the sound is where the surface headphones excel, doing exterior sounds and doing a great job. Microsoft can use the left-hand dial, which controls the level of noise cancelation by 13 inches – while turning the dial, it looks like a simple / close with no real progress between 13 levels, but it is still excluded and the sound is sufficiently Include.

A significant point on the sound front is that the excessive movement causes the speaker to distort the sound, which is bothered by cyclists, Microsoft pitch surface headphones with its sound canceling technique.


Battery is one of the shortfiles of Surfaces headphones, offering 15 hours of playback with active noise cancellations, while many cheap players like Sony provide up to 20 hours.

On the contrary, USB-Charging means that you can recharge very quickly, you can get enough interest within an hour for a one-hour worth of platitude within just five minutes.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)


The first attempt at Microsoft's headphones is a good start, but to match at least some of its competitors in the battery section – there is something really important to give a sound and really comes out of a very crowded market. As we have seen with tablets, Microsoft is capable of learning and improving, so there is some hope of being a standout product for surface headphones, but it is not there yet.

Design and, of course, cancel the sound of these headphones, just as the sound cancellation.

Ultimately, it comes down to the price, and at £ 329, Microsoft wants a lot when there is a new baby on the block in the headphone terms – and there are also other wireless headphones that are cheaper too. Price point

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