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Sleep on sleep while sleeping


If you do not get well after a sleepless night, you may want dehydration to be considered a reason – not just the lack of sleep – but drink a lot more water, according to a new study published in the journal Sleep.

Studies have found that people who are sleeping at night for more than six hours are more likely to be dehydrated.

Dyslexia affects many factors and activities, including unconscious, mood, and physical performance. Long-term or chronic dehydration may cause more serious complications such as hemorrhagic infection and kidney stones.

The Pennsylvania state university researchers have studied the risk of sleeping in China from adults in China and sleep deprivation. Participants reported sleeping within six hours had more urine in urine, ranging from 16 to 59 percent of uneven water flows and sleeping at night for eight hours.

Because the hormonal system of the body causes the water to be controlled.

Hormone Vasoprozin is ready to keep your body hydrated. It will be released throughout the day, and at night when sleeping, the researchers concentrated on this study.

"Started up more quickly in the lungs and later releasing Visopresses on sleep cycles," says biobehavioral health assistant professor at Pen State. "Therefore, if you wake up early, the more alcohol you get out, the body creates a barrier to the water vapor."

Two samples of adults were analyzed at the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The Chinese Kaeloon analyzed a sample study. More than 20,000 subjects were included in the three samples.

Participants reported their sleep habits and submitted samples of urine which researchers analyzed water biomass.

All data monitoring is cross-sectional crossing of cross-sectional studies or coheren study; Hence, Association Results can not be considered as a reason.

Future research uses the same method across sites and should have a thorough looking into the relationship within a week to understand the basic source and hydration status.

Researchers say that the water should be the predecessor of your mind in the morning after a tranquil night sleep.

"There is only six hours of sleep in the night, and it will affect your hydration level," said Roshan. "This study indicates that if you do not get enough sleep, you are drinking too much water in the next few days or getting tired.

Source: Pen State

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