Friday , July 30 2021

Stacey Dully: Strictly Star fears for her life because she tries a strange stunt, celebrity news showbiz and TV

Stacy Dullel told her Strictly Come Dancing 2018 partner Kevin Clifton that she was afraid that she would never try an earlier stunt scene.

In a video shared on Instagram, the filmmaker can be seen sitting on a multi-colored cylinder, which was hanging on the ceiling.

As the 31-year-old documentary presenter looked down from the pole, she shouted: "It is so tall, I will die."

When the man's voice was asked how he was doing, Stacey quickly changed the subject and insisted that he would continue again for the live show.

"Okay! Let's practice," she said with a smile on her face, making it clear that she feels confident on the curved prop.

Kevin, 36, who uploaded the video to its Instagram story, gave the title of the footage: "The First Flying Practice for @jdooleoley."

After the fans sent messages about her dance partner, the English dancer earlier liked about the BBC presenter.

One fan tweeted: "Stacey Strictly should be all about, not to be fully experienced with a perfect beginner and to make them into a great dancer. Many young girls will look at Stacey and be motivated by it."

Responding to the post, Kevin wrote: "I think it's a beautiful role model for young girls and boys."

Other fans added: "Clove Stacey, [she’s] Strictly Stretched Dancing is All ", on which the dancer replied:" It's a great pleasure to teach. "

BBC journalist is a favorite to win the Glitterball trophy, but an underdog can end up taking the crown off.

YouTube sensation Joe Sug, 27, found three 10s in the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool this weekend, and the recent bookie barriers now suggest that this year could be Strictly champions.

Bookmaker Corleys announced that Joe has been hit with a batsman in the last 48 hours to win the entire series.

According to the company, Johnny Barricades now sit at 9 to 4, putting it behind the Stacey very short.

The Luton-born star's barriers have now come to 7-4, which means that the slight slip-up can force it under its opponent.

Coral spokesman Harry Atkinshead suggests that Johnny's popularity might be the result of his rumor relationship with Australian dance partner Diane Baswell.

"Joe is impressed with his skill on the dance floor," he said. "But chemistry he has struck with his partner, Diyan, also loves them.

"He has seen so many batsmen in the last few days to lift the Glitterball trophy, he is also clearly impressed."

"He is now standing on the stace in the condition," the book's producer added.

Hardly come this dance continues on 6.45 pm on BBC One tonight.

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