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The chairs used as kissing arms caught on camera at the Kickboxing Program


Blo: An image taken from Shannon's Bravel video
Blo: An image taken from Shannon's Bravel video

One is hospitalized after a massive attack on a kickboxing program this weekend.

The guards are looking for bottles and bottles used in arms.

Clare's attack on Saturday at 11 o'clock at Oakwood Hotel in Shannon.

A video of the event has gone viral on social media.

The Kickboxing event was organized at the hotel last year without incident.

A dozen people directly intervened directly in front of the shocking pens.

Several exhibitions were canceled as the hotel started to sink into a tiny jungle.

The scene of robbery is the chairs and the bottles sitting in the crowd.

Attack an opponent who is trying to end the war and beat it from behind a punch.

A young man runs away like a group of people. Attends a woman in a woman.

Throwing a chair in a fide room.

Garda confirmed that the investigation was going on. But so far the arrest did not happen.

The local guard at the hotel responded when a large public order incident occurred at the hotel.

It is unbelievable that the injured person's injuries are not serious.

We were not investigating the night and we were investigating the CCTV and other events as part of the probe, "a spokeswoman for the Guard said.

"One person was brought to the hospital for treatment."

Commented on the Oakwood Hotel.

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