Tuesday , May 17 2022

The horror of a huge spider found inside a pre-packaged salad from the lidle


Most of us buy salad at lunch and think that we are taking a healthy and safe way.

But a Leadler customer was shocked by his life, which he passed through the normal eating feeling.

Coating in mayo and mixing with lettuce, carrots and sweet corners was nothing but a huge spider.

Shocking images show what we will consider as an eight-footed animal in a salad bought at the Kildare Town store.

When he died very clearly, he is still thinking to panic that it can be used.

The images of Spider were shared by the customer's respective mother on the Facebook page of Lidlal, many commented on their hatred on the situation.

Spider found in a lidal salad

She said: "Check what my daughter got in her garbage. My daughter had a salad for her lunch and she was against lettuce leaves. She is after her vomit. She hopes she has not eat any other Was not. "

One person replied: "Oh Jesus who is frightened … I feel sick !!!!"

When another said: "I do not eat the salad that is contaminating the thank god."

But others also arranged to create light of the situation, added adding: "Did she charge extra charges for her?"

And the other replied: "OMG seriously !!! Are they starting a new Bush Tucker trail range?"

Dublin Live contacted Lidl on this issue, and said in a statement: Customer satisfaction in Lidal Ireland is very important for us.

"We work with reputable suppliers who meet the high quality standards required by our business. We have our own quality assurance system which allows us to monitor the quality of our products.

"Considering the complaint of salad bowl, our customer service team is in touch with the customer and explained that the full review of this event is underway.

"The purpose of the investigation is to determine the root cause of this incident and respond promptly if it is necessary to implement corrective measures and preventive measures.

"Please make sure the complaint management has been increased and we pay great attention to it. We both apologize for the inconvenience caused by the customers."

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