Saturday , April 1 2023

The IAAA group revealed in a poll that voted as an Olympic fear


The Irish Athletics Boxing Association (IAAA) has taken unusual steps against an IILE election due to the fear of being banned out of the Olympics.

In November November, Ambassador Business Vice President Gafoor Rakimio was elected as ambassador.

Rakhimov won 86 of 134 votes in Moscow, despite the US Treasury Department's sacking in relation to organized crimes.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has threatened to remove Ireland's successful sporting movements in the Games from the four-year sporting sport of the Ministry of Sports.

The IAA normally does not say that they are not the people who voted. But in this case, they have been releasing their ballot for the defeated candidate, Cerick Conakaway.

In a statement, the IAA said: "Instead of revealing how they voted for the election in most national federations, this incident took place in the interest of the Director Board Irish Boxing, the intense interpretation of this election.

Gafoor Rakhimov

The Central Council is about how the IAA vote is implemented in the AIBA election. Vox is always used as a sport to protect the interests of boxing.

"We are carefully considering the best of our sporting entertainment, and the president has not received much information than what we have learned through the media.

"IBA is concerned about the Olympic status of Boxing for the match, and is the most successful Olympic sports box in Ireland.

There is a great deal of confusion since the IAB ABI election, but I hope to be able to decide on the issues of IOC and AIBAs. In any way, the IAA is committed to helping out the end.

The president of the AIBAA said that the Olympic Games will take place between boxing and a boxing. However, the IOC has ordered the IOC to recognize the athlete's decision to make a decision against the Olympics and the Olympic Games. No one is there.

"IABA does not comment further on this."

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