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The massive pub was broken in the night fire


At 8 am the fire broke out. Photo: Konor Fian
At 8 am the fire broke out. Photo: Konor Fian
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Conor Fian

A fire broke out in a pub in the village of Dinbin.

Fire on the highway berths was enough to prevent explosives but buildings were damaged.

The pub, which is located at the end of the Finglis Village, grabbed after 1 o'clock afternoon.

Many units of the Dublin fire brigade from Finns, Fibbs and Tara Street were on the night. Around 6 hours of fire started.

A metal roof from the building began to pull out of the heat of the building and had to remove a part of the emergency organs to make it safe for the building.

A specialist arrived from the Tara Street Fire Station to fight the flames from the top of the turretable covers.

Girdai now preserves the scene. A technical check will be done to determine the cause of the fire.

The task of the building is fast food and a business owner.

It is not clear where the fire started.

The roads were blocking and the roads were blocked by traffic jams but the roads were closed.

A spokeswoman said Gardai was burning at a public building in Finland's Garzha Station.

Gardai and Dublin fire brigade are major traffic hurdles. Traffic control in this region is only a period of time. One person was injured in the incident.

"Gardai witnesses or FINANCIAL GARDENS stations give permission to know the details of the contact information in 01 6667500."

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