Saturday , February 27 2021

The new evidence proves that a steamer of a murderer is innocent

The new evidence demonstrates that, under the killer's steven avery lawyer, he is not guilty.

Steffen and his nephew Brendan Dassa were beaten after Teresa Halbak was released in 2015, and the Netflix series, which was broadcast in 2015, came back this year to show the year's updates.

This week, Catélie arrived on Twitter to reveal new evidence collected from his quests, and did not show up on Netflix's show.

In a network of tweets she said: "Listen to me, listen to a murderer and I am going to walk you through what I learned through my quest.

"On 1/10/31/05, Bobby visited Bobby in Avial Salvage Yard (ABS) around the afternoon.

"2. Teresa (TH) After Days's Landline Suggestions, our suspect was reconciled with the Dassy address.

"3. When Teresa reached AOY at 10:00 am on night at 2: 30-2: 31, Bobby and Steven were only seen, after completing her photo assignment, they turned to the west, Steven in his trailer.

"4. Let's get into our suspicion. She opened the cargo door behind her car and licked herself, shattered the ground, came to a property.

"5. AO at RAV4's Rear Cargo area.

"6's RAV4 ASI was pulled back with an unknown driver at 3:45 pm.

"7. RAV4 abandoned the old dam West in Mishikot on 10/31/05.

"8. The 3 witnesses saw RAV4 up to 11/4/05, and then went on.

"9. Recent investigation The RAV4 thinks battery is dead, so it was replaced to move RAV4 to AVV.

"10. The body burns the burning barrel and the daisy burn barrel had human bones.

"11. About 60 percent of the bones and 31 teeth go missing

"12. A witness 10/31/05 evening Monitow County is a terrific odor of burning in the gravel pit.

"13. Dassie Garage never had a single energy or DNA test, Bobby hanged a diesel garage at 11/4/05.

"14. Sikkim's body burnt the body smelter 11/4/05, at 3 o'clock, and Tadych worked in a night shift in a shamter facility.

"15. Electrons burned the steam burning barrel, burning them on the balcony burn.

"16. The suspicion of seeing Steven's finger at 11/3/05 saw it.

"17. There was access to the steven trailer to remove the blood from the suspected sink.

"18. Our pit was known to have blood stevens in Siby, but not about TS (it controls the police).

"19. Planted the blood in the suspected RAV4, the bones in the burning pit in the steeple, and the thin electronics of the Steve burning barrel.

"In conclusion, the man who had the opportunity and opportunity to train the new blood of Steven Awarea in the murder of Teresa Halbak was asked to ask # AskZellner for questions of murder"

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