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The Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBII) upgraded to "Hold" in Wailing


Upgrade shares of ValuEngine Singer Broadcast Group (NASDAQ: SBGI) On Tuesday, Tuesday, a review report sent to investors gave a rating of one roll rating.

Other brokerages have recently been hanged at SBGI. The company has given a buyout rating of a report on Thursday, August 9, to the Stephens for Single Broadcast Group at a price of $ 35.00. On Monday, Monday, Monday and Monday, the Syncier Broadcast Group cut down a credit rating C + rating. About Sinclair Broadcast Group launched the EcoCort ISI Coverage on Tuesday, July 31. They set an in-line rating and a $ 34.00 price target. The Silkier Broadcast Group released a sales rating, which was released on Tuesday 31 July. Finally, Ricky Sinclair Broadcast Group bought a neutral rating and reduced the company's price to $ 36.00 to $ 33.00. Four depositors are rated and rated by stock ratings, giving a seven buying rating and a strong rating to buy a stock. The stock currently has a purchase record price of $ 38.60 and a coordinate goal.

SBI's shares plunged by $ 0.19 to USD 30.48 a barrel on Tuesday morning. 1,221,538 shares were transferred when compared to the average volume of 1,357,658. The company's market value is 3.16 billion, a peak ratio of 10.23 and beta 1.28. The current ratio of 2.98 to 2.98 ratio is 2.43 ratio. Sinclair Broadcast Group has been trading at 12-month low of $ 25.13 a barrel and a 12-month high at $ 40.15.

Sinclair Broadcast Group (NASDAQ: SBGI) Finally distributed its quarterly revenue revenue on Wednesday, November 7. The company earned an income of $ 0.62 (EPS) this quarter. The uniform price of Sucks is $ 0.56. The revenue of the company during this period was US $ 752.56 million. Its revenue is $ 766.30 million. The Singer Broadcast Group gained 19.79 percent and the net gain of 19.98 percent. The company's revenue rose 18.9 percent year-on-year to reach its highest level in a year. In the same period last year, the company had paid $ 0.30. A group of researchers predicted that the SingClair Broadcast Group may share 2.82 in the current year.

The business recently announced a quarterly dividend, which will be closed on Monday, December 17. On Friday, November 30, the shareholders who book record will be given a dividend of $ 0.20. Sinclair Broadcast Group advance from $ 0.18 per share. It is an annualized 0.80 downtime and 2.62% yield. The previous-dividend date for this dividend is on Thursday, November 29. The Singaporean Broadcast Group's payout ratio is 25.71%.

5,000 shares of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Director Lawrence E. On Wednesday, November 14th, it was sold to Makkana. The average price of an average 31.68 dollars was sold for $ 158,400.00. The fair sale of fair use has been disclosed by the SEC website. It can be accessed through the SEC website. 29.24% owned by stock insiders.

SBGI has also sold shares of several institutional investors, hedge funds and recently purchased. Among the stocks of Sinclair Broadcast, Gargahanim Capital LL rose by 34.4 per cent. At the same time, 60,653 shares were sold at 15833 shares, while Jigna's Capital LX took over. In the first quarter of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, both the league and the General Group were up 24% in the first quarter. The Legal and General Group PAC has a net profit of 46,020 shares of about 1,440,000 shares after buying more than 8,914 shares in the last quarter. In the first quarter, Singerum raised 49.5 per cent stake in Broadcast Group's stocks. AB is owned by Express Shipping for 10,867 shares worth 340,000 after purchasing 3,600 extra shares in the last quarter. Bank of Montreal hiked 7,544.2% stake in Sinclair Broadcast Group in the second quarter. The Bank of Montreal currently owns 32,335 shares in the stock exchanges of the company, which has a total volume of USD 1,040,000 since the acquisition of 31,912 shares in the previous quarter. Finally, James Investment Research Inc. In the second quarter, 2,229,000 shares were purchased by the Sunglasser Broadcasting Group. Currently, 77.11% of the stock has been purchased by stock-headed funds and other institutional investors.

Singkker Broadcast Group Company Profile

Sinclair Broadcast Group, is a television broadcaster company in the United States. It provides or offers various programming, operating and sales services to television stations. The TV shows audiences audiences through network programs, localized news, regional sports programs, programs, programs, programs, internally designed programming and programs. Television stations.

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