Friday , March 31 2023

Why does David Attenborough help dying animals?


Sir David Attenborough and his Documentaries Let us face this with surprise and motion, let's cry straight into the TV – why do not you help this child to stamp the child as if it was surrounded by killer whales? ?!

Many of us are already leaving nature to run its course, but now, Sir David Attenborough Why does he not let his employer intervene when taking pictures? DynastiesBecause a rival group was brutally assaulted and forced to see a chimpanzee.

Executive producer Michael Gunon In the beginning of the series, "We have a law that is very dangerous to intervene, but if nothing happens, these penguins have died through a natural process.

"If you see where this conversation is, what will you do if nothing happens?"

When the ships were not allowed to save them, they were allowed to protect the newly polar emperor penguins. They were trapped on the slopes of the hills and their mother would help them with security.

Why are penguins not chimp?

David "Tragedy is part of life, you show it, They only get worse if they intervene.

A leopard followed it.

"What are you doing, suppose you did something terrifying leopard, zero is gone, and you can not find a way home.

"Leopard should look at another view that will cause trouble for the infants."

Although we want to live all living creatures … But we understand his reasoning.

Do you agree with his ways?

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