Wednesday , May 18 2022

You need a thick skin to play for & # 39; Mourinho & # 39;


Under Joss Mourinho, Manchester United developed essential "thick skin" for progress in Manchester United, in which Luke Shaw claimed to have some "fun" of his manager's harsh love.

Due to the extensive criticisms of the Portuguese, the defender dismissed the Old Trafford Purking Order publicly, this time when some people suggested that it was a case more than the 23-year-old would leave the club.

But, not for the first time, the show dug deep and started the fight, won the initial berth in United, reminded England's club player in August and September, and had new deals until at least 2023.

Relocated relationship with Mourinho is important, but the manager recently suggested that Anthony Marshall, Jesse Llangard and Marcus Rashford do not have the ability to compete at the highest level or on the left side.

Those comments were lifted scales but were fired as a broader issue by the show, instead of preparing to confront United Bose's harsh love affair, he was ready to face young boys in the Champions League on Tuesday with a full back.

He said, "Of course, I enjoyed it." "That's what he said in the past, especially during last year or two, he was a big challenge for me.

"But see, what he is saying the next day, I think he was a generation thing and I do not think he really had a lot of goals on us as a person.

"But I think he was talking about today's generation, when he was a little younger, he was opposed.

"So, yes, of course, we have more focus tomorrow.

"Look, when we saw it, training is more important. We train hard for the team and hope to put things right in the future."

The show states that "everyone in the changing room is a fighter", which means ready to fix some wrong things by killing young boys in the group H encounter of United Tuesday.

While Vijay Mourinho's men will see the last 16, Valencia will not be able to beat Juventus in Turin, while he will give United only the fourth win in Old Trafford in 10 matches this season.

The show said that, of course, you need thick skin, play under the manager, but this club is 100%.

"It is the world's largest club and players need to take what they have said and they need to take it to the board.

"I continue to say that, but we need to fight for the team for the manager and fan and club.

"Of course, we are going through a bad phase at the moment but that's why I signed my contract, because I know that good things are coming on our way and hopefully it changes sooner."

Shaw missed the international breakdown by injury and Saturday's drubbing against Crystal Palace was suspended for a 0-0 home draw – with Boze ending and Mourinho asked some questions about the players' "heart".

The show adds, "Of course, that sounds like it, but I look at the training grounds and I look around the changing room and I think everyone wants the same – and they want to win the games and climb on the table."

"Obviously we need to do it. I think everyone has been very disappointed in the last few days.

"Obviously this was a great start for us after the international breakdown, we needed to win, but that did not mean it.

"Of course, we're all disappointed but need to fight for the club and team and for the manager to start tomorrow."

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