Saturday , February 4 2023

Action taken against the gateway gambling in the youth by a Clavier West politician


The North Wales politician has sought to take steps to resolve the issue of gateway gambling among young people.

Speaking at the 2019 Wells Youth Forum on Gambling, Darren Miller, a member of the Claude West Assembly, called for "young people to address gateway gambling in terms of sports, and to address traditional gamblers in bookmarkers".

Mr Miller, who sponsored the event and supported it after its establishment in 2015, talked about the need to address the worrying fact that people aged between 25,000 and 16 years are classified as gambling years before they even make the condition , And expressed concern that the number of gambling problems in this age group is higher than the adult population.

He said: "Excessive gambling is a public health crisis that rarely receives attention and resources and is worthy of it.

"This is a problem that eliminates the lives of individuals and families across the country and has devastating effects on the society and for such many different young people from various different types of plantations suitable for our children and young people. Not so much.

"A new challenge comes when it comes to protecting our children from problems of gambling and does not involve betting websites or walking in bookcases; it only requires games consoles or applications on mobile phones.

"The most popular sports among children, including FIFA, Star Wars and Fortnight, encourage players to risk real and substantial amount of money in the hope of achieving a digital item without the real value, often with the barriers to getting the item 0.01 percent.

"Gaming companies make changes in people who play these games, so they throw their money and become a digital rulal wheel sitting in children's and adolescents's homes and bedrooms across the country.

"A survey of gambling commissions has found that 11 to 16 year olds have gambled this way at some time.

"Because children under the age of three can play these games, it is not surprising that the number of young people is increasing normally as part of everyday life.

"It is a time of brief action to address gateway gambling in the form of sports, and bookmakers among young people have traditional gambling.

Darren was recognized by the Cross Party Group about the great work done on Problem Gambling in the National Assembly of Wales and the great work done by the All Party Group in Westminster when it came to gambling, but he had more needs. Completed

He said: "Here in Wales we encourage the Welsh government to use force to make further progress on the treatment of gambling addiction and we can do more with the more capable powers, but unless we are available to them, We will continue to work in the spectrum because this issue is not about party politics, it is to tackle public health enemy. Shall ensure that the next generation does not buy the gambling world where normal everyday activity. "

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