Wednesday , June 23 2021

Al Altar Orthodox candidate from Jerusalem, Moshe Leone

The candidate who supported support of the ancient ancient Jewish groups in Jerusalem was elected Mayor in a narrow margin. The official announcement on Thursday was announced after the municipal elections.

Moshee Leone, who spread the fear of secularism in the holy city, was less than 51 per cent on Tuesday. Secular opponent Over Berkovich won over 49 per cent of the vote.

The home ministry spokesman confirmed the final result of the FTP in the number of 9,000 soldiers, police officers, handicapped and prisoners.

Lyon, a member of the Berkovich City Council, includes the support of some radical Orthodox groups, including the Shazak Party. He was led by Intelligence Minister Arya Deori.

He was supported by Avdor Liberman, who took over as Defense Minister Wednesday, under the Gaza strikes agreement.

Lyon is a religious nationalist, not an ultra orthodox, but an experienced and experienced accountant in the public sector.

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The 56-year old boy was Benjamin Netanyahu's office.

He was persuaded by Satan on the Derry campaign.

"All of our supporters (Leone) are against a secular candidate, and we want Jerusalem to maintain secularism and change our holy city to a permanent city." Sheri said in a video on Saturday night.

"Satan performs an emergency recruitment drive and tells all his forces."

The Chief Minister of India spoke on Wednesday after publication.

"Jerusalem was chosen," he said. "The will of God, I purpose to be the gentleman of all the inhabitants of Jerusalem."

Berkovich failed to oppose the gossip when he voted so far.

Ultra orthostox, more than a third of the Jewish population, has a major influence in the city's politics. Orthodoxy is now in the forefront of the supremacy of the Church.

While 330,000 Palestinians from East Jerusalem are eligible to vote in the local elections, the majority refused to recognize the control of Israel in the area of ​​the city which claims to be the capital of their future state.

In the sixth day of 1967, Israel captured East Jerusalem. The international community has never been accepted. It is the capital of the whole city.

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