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Avial Hadry, Art and Music Gestalt Combines Rainbow Therapist, US & UK Workshops Available – Press Release

The renowned Israeli gastatist Therapist Avial Hadry is to improve his life, remove obstacles in personal life and organization, and create the world's greatest and complete consciousness. Aviel now available in lectors and workshops in the United States and UK.

Challenges exist in every aspect of personal and professional life. Fortunately, there are many gifts that can help people to face, navigate to block and fix obstacles. Avery uses deep insights into these prizes and uses a wide range of art, therapy and musical instruments to distribute guest-based workshops and training sessions.

Aval art combines the style of music, music and literature with a conscious and well-planned experience. This helps to avoid emotional disturbance. Identity and organizations can create a new image of the Holistic Human Gestalt Therapy. A unique pack of packages for use with creative imagination has been discovered. His signature method uses treatment, music, song and instruments. This method has been used to deal with trauma cases.

Avial reveals the patterns that do not require a typical Seppto Workshop and shows them how to create new patterns that will fit with them. Topics are topics of communication, communication, relationship, partnership, organizing management, conflict management, images, forms, allegations and dreams.

"Avia Hadari is an excellent academic, therapist, story writer and musician. In his native Israel, he trained many dramatists, teachers, and therapists. I have witnessed to touch his musical magic in groups, and I have witnessed to personally testify to the ability to lead people to a smooth spot as well as all possibilities to change the way all words are possible."Says Robert J. Londi, founder director of the Drama Therapy Program in NYU Steinhartt.

Recent and well-known worksheets organized by Avial are engaging in breathing and breathing: performances in Social Social Training Training in Korea. In August 2014, the training program began with the chorus of doctors, clergy and social activists in Korea, following the sorrow of Sewell Ferry in April 2014.

AV is one of those rare professional additions to gastrol therapy. He has also worked as a teacher in Israel and the United States in acting, diaryting, drama training and gestalt. A clinic for individuals, couples and organic therapy is conducted. Aviel a B.A. From the theater department at Tel Aviv University, the Director and the activity of MA in the streets of Leslie University in Boston. The School of Phichitization at Tel Aviv University, is a specialization in the Gastal Institute of Cleveland, a specialty of family and family care. He is also a graduate of the International Organization of Counseling at Cleveland Gestalt Institute.

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