Wednesday , March 3 2021

Because Israel has no majority in electing Bennett as defense minister, Israeli News reported

In the Israeli television program, the Meet & the Press & # 39; 51 per cent of Israelis believe education minister Nafzi Benet not resign after Defense Minister Avdor Laberman resigned last week, according to figures released by the government.

Bennett has a bid for the candidate. However, according to the poll, only 24 percent believe that employment is a right. Twenty-five percent of the population is unsure.

According to the same voting, 53 percent of the population's population supports early elections when taking into account the current political situation. Lieberman is resigned and fifty-nine percent agree. Libermon resigns with 49 percent, and has a disagreement with the cabinet.

How long did it take for the Israeli election of Netanyahu and his opponents? After the failure of Gaza, Netanyahu was not a wounded lion, but a man was caught in headlights

In cooperation with Idanal, the voting process of the Manu Gheva and Mina Tmac from the Mid-Regam Research Institute were conducted.

The voting is done twice more than expected. If the Election Commission still faces any other election, former IDF chief Staff Benny Gants will be examining the results of the Zionist Union Party.

Lark will have 30 seats if it goes today. Yash Aid will win on 18th. The joint and Zionist Union will get 12 seats. Habai will have 10 seats. Kulanu will get eight and Shazya and seven seats.

United Taurus Judalism, Israeli Baitien and a party led by the Free Olive Livi Abbecissus will win six seats. Meretz will win five seats.

If GAMS works as a member of the Zionist Union Party, the 26-Leeds Lee and the Zionist Union will return to 24 seats. The combined list of 12 candidates, Habhaat Haya Hui, will have nine seats.

Kulavan and Shaz would win 7 seats. United Taurus Judy and Israeli Beethoven will win six seats. Party led by Levi Abekasi will gain five seats. Marts will have four seats.

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