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Benet was expected to resign, dragged him to the earliest election in Israel


Education Minister Neptetti Bennett and Minister Ayelet Shakedi are expected to resign on Monday morning, and then expel the government and give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the right to call early elections.

Israeli Beten leader Avdor Laburnan resigned.
Bennet Jehoodi appealed to Bennet's defense ministry. Threatened to leave the government if needed.

Netanyahu held a press conference on Sunday evening. He said that he intended to keep the defense portfolio itself.

Justice Minister Sheikh, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Bennett

Justice Minister Sheikh, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Bennett

On Sunday, the Sheikh announced a final decision for the Prime Minister: Security or choice. "At this point, the government is no longer a right-wing government," unfortunately, "they said.

Bennett's follow-up to consolidate the government until November 2019 to carry out a revolution in security, following the confusion that Israel has lost in LeBron over the past two years, and solves a serious crisis. We must be selected in the defense mechanism as soon as possible. To establish a new right-wing government led by Netanyahu, Bait is a strong party and the right is to get right and get right.

But nevertheless, sources close to Netanyahu said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not want Benet to sue. Senior Liquid officials said Netanyahu refused to rule Bennett's defense department in future. But he initially wished to wipe out the minister.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Picture: AP)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Picture: AP)

Netanyahu held a meeting with Finance Minister Mosh Kahlon on Sunday evening.

After this meeting, Netanyahu announced responsibility for taking over the defense portfolio. At 10.30 am, Bennett and Shade were asked to announce at a press conference.

Batemat spoke to the political leaders. He said he plans to withdraw Netanyahu's decision not to appoint Defense Minister. Bennett intends to vote to dissolve Kenite, saying Bennett is "not a member of Kenuset's and not a minister."

If Bennett decides to resign, then MK Hussein has to support Benett's Defense Department's demand. Uri Ariel, a member of the Tukuma faction in Yehudi, said that Bezalal will help Smriti. Discussion for the decision to join Bait Judean leader.

Tourist minister Yariv Lewin, close relations with Netanyahu, held a meeting with members of the Kulan and Bennett Party Bait Judei on Sunday. "The government's dissolution is an act of irresponsibility on the security level, the right-wing government."

Meanwhile, Netanyahu will announce upcoming cabinet subcommissions. He will have to abandon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the Prime Minister decided to take over the Defense Department. Gillard Erdan and Israel Kats have offered this to the two ministers. But he supports a third party, Yevol Steinitz, to avoid encounter with two ministers.

Netanyahu is likely to be handed over to the deputy prime minister of the city TBC HOTOVALI following the withdrawal of Israeli Betine member Sofa Lander from Immigration Associations Ministry. The Prime Minister has promised to renew his office on the first occasion,

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