Wednesday , June 23 2021

Bennett and Shechem beat Israel's NSG chief sent a Rabbi

Zionist Rabe, head of the National Security Council, reported Sunday night that Habib Hasehi does not expel the party. He also said that the information was confiscated by the government.

On Monday morning, she talked with Nablity Bennett, chair of the party's Hibi drummember. During the conversation, he referred to National Security Advisor Mur-Ben-Shabbaat as a "BBC Diplomat." The Prime Minister's Bureau Report has denied.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's close aide Nathan Eschel approached Drukman last Sunday. Did Babe and his co-worker, Ayet Sheikh, ask Rabe for Rebecca not to resign?

Dickman responded that he does not interfere in politics. However, he would like to know if the security situation really exists as Netanyahu has said, as Benett did.

Subsequently, Ben-Shabat went to Drukman's residence in Merkas. A small community in Central Israel, 11 PM M. Sunday night. Rebecca received a secret document at the conference on various sources.

In 2011, Ryby Hayman Drakeman at Cannes,
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Then he called for the office of Dreamed Bennett and urged him to speak. Their conversation was on Monday morning. Drakeman quoted, "Here was the BBC Ambassador, I do not think you should get out of Security Security."

Bertet and Shekker told Harruts that he had not decided to resign Sunday before Dredman arrived.

One of the senior religious leaders, known as the famous Zionist Rabbi Haretes, was called on Bened at a press conference on Monday, and helped him raise the rubbinity of the benat.

Netanyahu would try to force Benett through Rabbis, said another veteran of the group. But he added that he did not get anything more to participate in any of his participation.

Because of the third source, Bennetin's decision did not influence substantially.

In the report's response, the Prime Minister's Bureau said, "The head of the NSG does not handle any political issues, nor does he ever meet with Nathan S., or talk to him or talk to him."

"Ben-Shabet talks about Ruby Druckman from time to time," she added. Those living in the same town are part of the same synagogue. Relatives and close relatives "(Meer's daughter married Ruby Drukman's granddaughter).

"Ben-Shabat is a professional NSC chairman, security ministers, heads of defense institutions, foreign citizens, including those in the Arab world," the Prime Minister's Bureau said.

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