Monday , September 26 2022

Berkovich addresses Hareed, says David knows about joining my alliance – Israel News



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Jerusalem Mayor candidate Obere Burkovic Haredi asked for support, saying Yosi Dyet "will be part of the alliance that I am forming."

"We should expect great wonders from Harere voters," Berkovich said Thursday in a neighboring neighborhood in Roma, Jerusalem. "The population of Haradi is complicated and intriguing."

Berkovich Haveri and the Religious Zionist community receive support for the second time on November 13 in the fight for Jerusalem religious beliefs.

"We are in a fight in Jerusalem's heart." My movement is a dream that connects secularism, religion, conservative, and hardie, if we give up, we are abandoning Israel's dream. "

"Do not judge me by the fence that I do not wear, the beard will not grow," Berkovich said. "Go with the people and judge my deeds, and we will rebuild Jerusalem forever."

In the 31-member city council, the Berkovich Haitiroot Party won seven seats, DeGal Hottora and Shass. The candidate disappointed the candidate, refusing to curtail candidate Moshe Lion City Council seat. This is a clear indication that Berkovich states that there is a support based foundation in the politics of Lion's departure from Jerusalem's public interests.

"I do not need to pray [Yisrael Beytenu Chair Avigdor] Liberman or otherwise [Shas leader Arye] Derry, "he said," and Lions agree. " Decisions from above will not work here; Jerusalem's decisions will come from within, "Burkovich said.

In his political career for 19 years, Berkovich concentrated on the city city council, avoiding intervention in national politics. "I do not need to report anything to anyone except those in Jerusalem who are working on me," he said.

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