Saturday , October 1 2022

Cage is about to leave an elephant new album?


"Record completed. Mixed."

Cage The Elephant has sparked an immediate release of a new album by tweet yesterday.

The band confirmed that their new album is "Completed", posting: "Record complete. Mixed tweet".

The band's last studio album, & # 39; Tel May I Pretty & # 39; It was released in 2015 and was produced by The Black Keys by Dan Ayuarbach.

In 2017, the band performed the stripped-back performance live album – 'Unpelled & # 39; from their behind-the-scenes catalog with intimate shows in LA, Washington DC, Knoxville, and Nashville. Also introduced.

& # 39; Unpelled & # 39; Speaking about inspiration behind, Frontman Matt Schultz said: "Often you are looking for something to hide Sonic, and you do not know that it's weakness and that nudity can be the most attractive and interesting thing about the song.

Guitarist Brad Shultz added the project: "We joined the songs in the way they were not before. It was really the balance of intimacy and the gentleness of how we proceeded to play these songs literally and for strings, as we did earlier. We were very transparent, and you proved to be more honest with you, you're more honest with everyone else. "

Last year, the band & # 39; Life is Beautiful & # 39; Shortly before the festival's presentation, Draft Punk and Julian Casblack's & # 39; Instant Crash & # 39; No one shared a live demonstration of their cover.

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