Friday , August 19 2022

»Colonialist Settlements West Bank Farmers Attack-IMEMC News


Israeli residents attacked a Palestinian farmer and attacked his family. On the east of Hebron in the Occupied West Bank, olives saw in the Jabelges area.

RUSH ALM ALMINI, a local resident, is taking Olive his home as he murdered immigrants from neighboring Israeli immigration and wounded terrorists including children. According to WAFA, no injuries have been reported.

Only a few days ago, the olive trees in the Al-Tammy family were completely destroyed.

The Palestinians planted wood in Yuri village on the north side of Westphalia on Sunday, attacked the livelihood of Israeli soldiers, rubber bullets and tear gas, a local official said.

The trees were planted in the Urif Village, where the Palestinian movement, the Wall, Settlements Resistance Commission and the Palestinian Authority's agricultural sector, Nablas, threatened Israel's takeover.

But before the woods started to be planted, the Israeli soldiers tried to shoot the live bullet, rubber coating metal and red gas. According to the information provided by Gaza Daugles from the Wall and Settlements Resistance Commission, violent cases.

The Jewish immigrants who support the Israeli army in the south of the city of Nablis are regularly attacking Urrif.

Three Pakistani nationals were fatally attacked by militants, the hospital authorities said. Others treated rubberized bullet wounds and tear gas.

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