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Diet Tips for Excess Management


One of the world's most health problems today is obesity. Obesity is a disease that involves fat in the body and provides your overall health in serious injuries. If the findings of new studies are believed, adolescent teenagers are about four times that of developing pancreatic cancer.

In the study, researchers analyzed 1,087,358 Jewish men and 167 to 707,212 women.

Finding that the "normal" weight of men is less weighty and lighter than that, pancreas has been diagnosed with cancer increases gradually.

Studies in the Cancer Journal revealed that men are more likely to have cancer at 3.67 times more likely than men, and 4.07 times more likely to be in women.

High normal BMI and overweight patients have a 49 percent increase in cancer and 97 percent respectively.

Pancreatic cancer has been significantly lower in the last 40 years. It is one of the biggest killers in the world.

Compounding chemical, biological, biological, mechanical, and structural factors are found in pancreas cancer cells.

Scientists say that handling weight can help reduce the risk.

Diet Tips for Excessive Control

Here are some of the best practices that are recommended by our consultant nutrition expert Rupali Datta to deal better with this situation.

1. Change the sources of refined carbs throughout whole grains. Cereal grains of endosper, germ, and bran are the grains for grains to produce only endosperm. It regulates grain to keep all the nutrients from pure flowers. Stock stocks like bajra, ragi, maize, jowar etc. Red, black, brown rice instead of white rice.

2. Like cereals, it is better to wash the entire dishes. Rajma and Chanakalas are some of the lemon juices. You can cook them, sprouts or soups.

Avoid red meat, avoid lean meat like chicken and salmon. Adding protein to each of the foods helps someone who is trying to reduce the weight of the game will be a magic.

4. Load vegetables in time. Apart from vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, both these add salt and compounds.

5. Be one of the biggest criminals who increase obesity in the world. Fast food, instant food, fried junk, cookies, pasta, burger and noodles.

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