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Frank Griel has a fight in Naffix now – 11/11/2018 10:42:12 AM

NEW YORK (AP) – People who usually travel to new places do not look for a fight. Frank Grillo certainly.

"Fightworld," is a new Netflix doc-series, Gryllo. An actor, a self-described "colorful", a journey around the world to explore their war plans and culture behind them.

"I'm involved in some fighting civilizations," said Grillo. "Through the eyes of the warriors, we explore the culture of the place very differently, not just as Anthony Bordain did, but instead of food it was the fighters."

On trip to Mexico, Thailand and Senegal, visit Milli, based on various anti-national battles in countries such as Thailand, Mulhouse and Boxing. "I know this very well, so I will go there and get me right away," he said.

The grill of Israel is also invading the country because the country was surrounded by enemy countries. He asked the mayor of Jerusalem to define the Israelites in a word. "In their fight they belong to their DNA because they are fighting their blood & # 39;

Brooke Rumlo is featured in "Zero Dark Thread", "Watch of End", "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Captain America: Civil War". The next captain is listening to rumors about America. Even though it might not seem like the previous versions of the symbolic cell.

"I do not know what will happen with Captain America, is it not great if Captain America is African American?" Grillo pointed out. "Or a woman?" He asked: "Or an African American woman?"

Instead of asking for traditional superheroes, people need to create new and different characters.

"Superman is one of the black hair dwarfs who is the creator, so why the superman superman can be Anthony McCoo, rightly Antony McCleick and anything else, said Grillo." Where are the new characters that some people represent? "

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