Wednesday , July 28 2021

God is not just close to us but protects us

If you are in the middle of a difficult season, I want to remind you this: God is your shield.

Perhaps, like me, you've recently been in some personal situations where it seems that no one can find you a solution.

Perhaps you are condemning, joking, defying and rejecting.

Maybe you think that you will not be able to stand one day more that day will have to throw on you.

This is when you need a shield. We do not need a shield if there is no danger. We do not need a shield when someone is not against us and no one is trying to attack you. But in the battle of your life, you need a shield.

At the beginning of this summer, I feel alone in my struggle. One evening I slept on my bed and started some worshiping music so that I could improve my mind on the truth of God rather than my worries. I heard Jeremy Camp's song "My Defender" and Kim Walker Smith's song "On My Side"

Both songs only talk about how they live in difficult times, but they talk about how it protects us and protects our heart.

A few days later, God showed me Psalm 28: 7: "God is my strength and my shield." When I read it, I thought, "This is it! This is my mantra for this season."

When I thought about this verse in the light of the struggle I was facing, I realized that God is showing me that he saw me in the middle of my situation and when he felt that he did not feel like anybody, he was saving me. The more I put my faith in God, the more I felt that God rescued me from attack and fired on me.

As the summer continued, more difficult things were done. I often had to call others to help me. When I was waiting to come home, I used to go out and use my nervous energy to weed out of my flower garden, the full time to repeat the phrase, "God is my shield."

At the end of the summer, I took the children of our church to the church camp, and I taught them that God is our shield. I talked about being with us with God and protecting us as I bought shields to keep. I knew that these young children will face all kinds of struggles in their lives, and I can see that God is our shield. We helped children remember Psalm 28: 7.

I am praying this daughter to my daughter too. When she needs to communicate with other people who potentially damage her heart, I pray that God is his shield. I believe that God will do this for her, and she will do it for you and for me too.

Mary Nolan is the director of women and children's ministries in Brooklyn Road Community Church in New Palestine. She is the author of "She Will Shrink Beck: A Story of Building and Believing". This weekly column is written by members of the local clergy.

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