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Head to Head Contrast: Elbit Imaging (EMITF), Brokfield Asset Management (BAM)

Elbit Imaging (NASDAQ: EMITF) and Brokfield Asset Management (NYSE: BAM) are financial companies, but what is the best business? We compare two businesses that depend on their value, income, dividend, risk, profit, analyst recommendations, and institutional ownership.

Income and Evaluation

Elvis Imaging, Brookfield Asset Management's high-line returns, comparison of shares and revenue, compare this table.

Gross revenue Price / sales ratio The net profit Shared earnings Price / income ratio
Elite imaging $ 225.79 million 0.07 – $ 97.50 million N / A N / A
Brookfield Asset Management $ 40.79 billion 1.06 $ 1.46 billion N / A N / A

Brookfield Asset Management is a higher income and revenue than lube imaging.


Brookfield Asset Management gives a dividend of 1.4% annually to US $ 0.60 an annual dividend. Elbit imaging does not offer a dividend. Brookfield Asset Management has been continuously increased to dividend for 6 years.

Analysts ratings reported that the current rating and price targets for Elbit Imaging and Brookfield Asset Management are breaking down.

Sell ​​ratings Hold ratings Purchase rating Power purchase rating Rating score
Elite imaging 0 0 0 0 N / A
Brookfield Asset Management 0 0 6 0 3.00

Brookfield should pay $ 51.75 to asset management. 18.42% will rise. Analysts specify that Brookfield Asset Management, given the high risk of Brookfield Asset Management, is more favorable than Elbit Image.

Insider and Institutional Ownership

41.0% of the Elibit imping shares conducted by institutional investors. In comparison, institutional investors carry 60.7% of Brookfield Asset Management shares. 59.8% ABBIT imaging shares have company quarters. Strong Institution Management is a sign that investments, hedge funds, and managers of large money makers can help the market in the long term.

Risk and instability

In a limb imaging, it is a beta -0.19. This indicates that its stock price is 119% less than the S & P 500. In comparison, Brookfield Asset Management is 1.03 beta, indicating that its stock price is 3% higher than that of S & P 500.


Elibit imaging and brokerage compare the margins of margin management, returning to equity and returning assets.

Net margins Return to equity Return to assets
Elite imaging N / A N / A N / A
Brookfield Asset Management 5.10% 3.52% 1.34%


Brookfield Asset Management ABBT imaging, 13 stocks influence 12 factors in 12.

Elibit imaging

Elbit imaging ltd has joined hands with its subsidiaries and has been involved in industry, plots sold in industrial, central and eastern Europe. This includes research and development of medical and health care practices, including magnetic resonance imaging for untreated treatments in humans, and production and marketing. Products suggested for certain cancers diseases. The company was founded in 1996. Its headquarters is in Petak Tikwa, Israel.

About Brookfield Asset Management

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. A publicly owned asset management holding company. Through its subsidiaries, the company invests in assets, energy and infrastructure facilities. Ownership management and management of the office properties include developing master planning and residential communities and providing clients with maintenance loan, alternative assets, financial and advisory services. The company is a subsidiary of hydropower plants, interconnections, broadcasting facilities in Canada and developing Canada's wind farm in North East North America. It is invested in specialty funds including private equity through its subsidiaries and directly invests in real estate, power and resource assets. Equity and Fixed Income Mutual Funds will be started. It also deals with real estate and hedge funds. The market is invested in equity and fixed income markets throughout the world. Calgary, Canada, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Gatineau, Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, London, United Kingdom, Melbourne, Australia, Montreal, Canada, Mumbai, India, New York City, Perth, Australia, Shanghai, China, Sydney, and Australia.

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