Sunday , August 7 2022

Helping a Nine-Year-Old Recovery from an Eating Disorder – Podcast | Society


Maggie and her husband James have four daughters. When his oldest, Hattie, was still in elementary school, he began to put heavy restrictions on the amount of food he consumed and exercised reluctantly.

Eating disorders in youth can be life-threatening, although this was not the case for Haiti. Her condition was unusual because her problems started at her age – she was nine.

Say Maggie and James Anushka Asthana He wants to share his experience as he reveals something about the pressure on girls, the impact on families, and the services they can offer.

Even today: Gwynn Topham MPs called for a ban on the use of a hands-free phone kit while driving after seeing evidence of how distracting they could be.

  • Names and voices have changed in this episode

Little kid wearing a hood top, a behind-the-scenes look at the playground.

Photograph: Ruth Jenkinson / Getty Images / Dorling Kindersley

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