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Hepatitis C treatment therapy reduces 50% of patients


Made and IL-Hepatitis C drugs treat more than 90% of patients, but each patient is paying $ 50,000 a month.

Finding out from a new study can save you significant costs. According to a study conducted by a theoretical modeling researcher, the Chicago School of Medicine and Loyola Medicine, Loyola University, 50 percent of patients do not compromise in six weeks of effectiveness.

"Hepatitis C-medicines cost up to 20 percent," said Loyola researcher Hareel Dahari. The MD of Medical Center at Soroka University in Israel Dr. Ochad Etienne is the first writer of collaboration. Senior writer is Amir Shola of MD, PhD, Baileenson Hospital in Israel.

The study conducted on November 12 in the annual meeting of the American Association of the Study of Lewis Diseases in San Francisco has revealed.

The study of the experimental and theoretical modeling in the Hepatology Department of Dr. Loyola Medicine and Los Angeles University's Chicago School of Medicine Doctor of Loyola Medicine Department at Leola University Scott Cotter (MD), Susan Appricard, Associate Professor of Microbiology, Immunization Department, Chicago Strict School of Medicine.

Hepatitis C infection is a virus infected with contaminated blood. It can lead to liver damage, liver failure, and liver cancer. In the United States 70 million people around the world, including 3 million people, are infected with hepatitis C.

A group of direct drug antivirus (DAA) is revolutionary for hepatitis C treatment. In 90% of patients, the drugs eliminate the virus and the patient gets well. But the limit for higher expenditure is limited and a substantial financial burden on medical, medicine and private insurance.

"The treatment should now be given within a fixed time, usually 12 weeks, not suitable for the individual patient," Dr. Kotler said.

In a new study, researchers used individual-based feedback-guided therapy to reduce the treatment times and use individual medicine technologies. Researchers estimate that the Hepatitis C virus is coming down after a few weeks of treatment with patients. They used mathematical modeling to determine how long it would take to eliminate the virus entirely.

So far 22 patients studied. The mathematical modeling predicts that in eight patients (36 per cent) and six patients in six patients (nine per cent) within eight weeks can reduce the treatment in a single patient (5 per cent of the total). Other 11 patients (50 per cent) should be treated for a normal 12 weeks.

Twenty-two patients were infected with the virus. The most complicated method of hepatitis C virus known as Jenreap 3 is rehabilitation of the patient.

The pilot study proved that using a guided therapy to reduce treatment times was practical. In order to evaluate the results, there is a large multicolor trial in Israel.

Health Insurance benefits Diabetes is a good way to treat low hepatitis C patients and treat lower costs.


MD, Daniela Mande MD MD David Jordan, MD, Danielle Moore, Nayam Abrechahe, MD, Baisheba, Asaf Ezachar, MD, Meidi Cohen-Naflie, MD, Orli Sunni Orbib, MD, Loral Institute Maria Broun, Baillinson Hospital, Peta-Tikwa, Israel at the Lar Institute; Orana Mor, PhD, Central Ministry of Health, Sheba Medical Center, Israel, Central Virology Laboratory.

The DAA responded with a reaction diagnostic treatment with simplified treatments in 50% of HCV patients.

According to the study, Clevelt, a health service organization in Israel, And the National National Institute of Health.

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