Saturday , June 10 2023

Home front command publishes new guidelines


Gaza Rocket Beard Sheva Destruction (archive)

Gaza Rocket Beard Sheva Destruction (archive)

Flash 90

Home front command published new guidelines following rocket attacks on Monday afternoon at the Gaza Strip. In the area around the Gaza Strip, residents must stay in the protected areas.

As part of the southern Negev region and Lakhish community, residents are able to join the protected areas and save them time by their time. Meetings and conferences in the open spaces are prohibited.

Residents of Nettivattu and Aakim are asked to live in protected areas. Residents of Beir Sheva and Ashdod need protection from the protected areas. In its guidelines.

The authorities from Gaza have requested to provide shelter to sections of the southern Negva and Lakhish community and obey the instructions of the Home Front Command and will update if necessary. "

A 19-year-old woman was injured in a mortar shell near a community in Sharadjanj Regional Council. The shell is cracked into a bass and it fires.

In one of the communities around the Gaza Strip, one hundred rockets were shot. IFF fighter jets attacked the Gaza Strip as security advisors in Kyrgyz with senior defense officials and senior members of IDF and IDF.

Seven people were injured in the syndrome. The weevil was woven in the chest and injured from a weaseled factory. Four injured. In addition, the Soroka Medical Center evacuated two minor injuries: one female army from Nahal Os Outpost, worries from Netivot.

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