Thursday , February 25 2021

How the Tech Startup Rancach of the Recording Solar Efficiency

According to Michael Goldstein, the founder of the VCC software project is that the start of the software is used by artificial intelligence to influence the solar system around the world. Their duppler solution captures data, analyzes AI power, and then produces action items for large solar panels so they can improve energy availability and reduce costs.

During the Israeli days, Rachel's chairman and founder Michael Goldstein discussed their latest technologies.

Rancach uses data analytics to control solar panels

Rancash is a solar corporation that analyzes data for solar and solar products. The entire power system has been a major revolution that has dramatically declined in the past 10 years. This has resulted in a number of new installations around the world, and has become roof or roof that has seen more solar projects around the world. The fact is that there was no significant change in owning and retaining these projects.

Solar panel effect for artificial intelligence

So where are we going? Using AI, artificial intelligence, we try to improve ownership and management to improve that ownership. Currently based on the Tel Aviv based ventures around the world, now Israel and Europe. We have a number of customers, we already work in 100 countries. We're finally in the US.

How the Tech Startup Rancach of the Recording Solar EfficiencyThe solar yield increases by 5% and increases operational expenditure by 20%

People using our software can increase their profit by 5 per cent. They cut 20 percent salary and they are transparent about the value of their assets. It's not just about residential installations, but also the big companies that use solar panels, such as ground, utility-scale, utility companies.

We are business wisely more efficiently, mainly because big business seeks to target, but in principle it is ideal for both small and medium companies. They can stay, they will be on a commercial roof or ground.

How DeepSolar works:

How the Tech Startup Rancach of the Recording Solar EfficiencyAbout Secrets:

Based on Israel, Riyadh was established in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs and solar specialists. Rancach is an AI diagnostic technology for solar power. Rancach is using a mission to revolutionize the Manual PV Monitoring Market by managing the automated and insightful management of solar fraud. Understanding existing solar energy, Rancher PV Operation and Maintenance (O & M) will convert tasks from traditional automated management to traditional manual scheduled operations. You do not need hardware or software installations or visits to a site.

Increasing the assets of solar energy, increasing profits, reducing the cost of operating, and increasing the acceleration of solar energy in the global energy market.

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