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Inside the world's richest family – which earns a total of 57,000 per minute


The strange thing about the Vittens is that although they are the richest family in the world, they have flown under the radar for many decades.

The clan is a descendant of Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, and has a combined assets worth about $ 191 billion or $ 157 billion.

He and his wife, Helen, had four children – Rob, John, Jim and Alice, all of them billionaires.

After Sam's death in 1992, Rob took over as chairman, while John served as director before dying in a plane crash in the mid-2000s.

Jim and Alice aren't directly involved in running the company – though Jim's son, Stewart, is on the board.

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

From left to right: Jim Walton; Alice Vaughton; Jim's wife, Lynn McNabb Walton; Melanie Lowman Walton, wife of Rob Walton; And Rob Vaughton

The family has enjoyed Walmart's profits since 1962 – which has just been hired by Amazon as a worldwide retailer with more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries.

He owns the Asda supermarket chain in this country, and trades in Japan with the Seiu Group and Best Price in India.

According to business news agency Bloomberg, Vittens' fortunes are growing at a jaw-dropping rate.

In the last year, the family earned £ 57,000 per minute, 3 3.3 million per hour and £ 82 million a day.

From the time you started reading this, the Kingdom of Vaughton expanded by £ 19,000.

As a global retailer, Walmart is second only to Amazon

The entire Walmart empire grew from a single store, which opened in 1962

On the other hand, a new Walmart employee – who & # 39; s an associate in the association & # 39; Known as – going to the minimum wage of $ 10 an hour, would have made about five pence.

But who are the Vittens, and how did they become so rich?

  • Sam Vaughton married Helen Robson in 1943
  • He opened the first Walmart store in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas
  • He and Helen had four children – Samuel (Rob) Robson, John Thomas, James (Jim) Carr and Alice Lewis.
  • Sam Walton died in 1992, leaving ownership of the company to his family
  • Rob took over as chairman, and John served as director before his death in 2005
  • He leaves a wife, Christie, and a son, Lucas
  • Jim and Alice are not directly involved in the company, although Jim Walton is chairman of the board of Ervest Bank in London.
  • His son Stuart Walmart is on board, and he has three other children: Thomas, James and Alice.
  • Alice has been divorced with no children, while Rob is believed to have had at least four children from three marriages.

Baywatch star Kelly Rohrbach is married to Stuart Vaughton

Stuart Walton is the son of Jim Walton and Lynn M Kannab

Born 1918, Sam Walton was famous for his thriftiness, reports.

He allegedly flew first class only once in his life, and was living in a mother tongue and driving a victim's red truck.

Rob, his oldest child, seems more than happy to release his cash.

According to Business Insider, it owns a collection of expensive vintage cars, and in 2013 it outplayed the ultra-rare Daytona Coupe, valued at .312.3 million.

The couple got married earlier this year

When John Vaughton died in a plane crash in 2005, he left 17 percent of his assets to wife Christie, while the rest were left in partnership with Charities and his son Lucas.

Jim Walton, 71, who married Limon McNabb Walton, has an estimated wealth of $ 40.8 billion.

Jim and Lee have four children – Alice A. Prouty, Thomas L. Walton, James M. Walton and Stuart Walton.

The latter is one of the company's directors and he married two-time star Kelly Rohrbach earlier this year.

Jim Vaughton on stage with Jamie Foxx at Walmart shareholders' annual meeting last year

From left to right: Rob, Alice and Jim Walton, children of Sam and Helen Walton

He and his brother Thomas are reportedly passionate about mountain bikers, and together they co-founded RZC Investments, an investment company.

Alice Vaughton's wealth is about £ 40 billion. She has been divorced twice and has no children.

Alice's passion is considered to be an art, collecting an immense personal collection worth approximately $ 500 million.

Five years ago, he stole the headlines by paying .536.5 million to a painting by renowned artist Georgia O'Keefe.

It was the most spent on a piece of art made by a woman.

She has bought and sold a range of luxury properties over the years, including two sprawling ranks in Texas and an apartment on New York's Uber-Exclusive Park Avenue.

Alice Vaughton, best known for her passion for the arts, once paid .536.5 million for Georgia O'Keefe's painting.

Photo of Wal Walmart founder Sam Walton and his family at the Walmart Lamart Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Headline news from MirrorNline

The Wharton Family Foundation, the corporation's charity, has benefited millions of dollars from its generosity.

According to Bloomberg, Walmart owns half of the family-owned Walton Enterprise and paid 50% of its stake in dividends last year, about £.

But despite their wealth, the family is avoiding the spotlight by intelligently specifying social media and paparazzi-feeding society pages.

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