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Only the Jewish flock of the Mount of Olives.
(Photo Credit: MARC Izrell Cell / The Jerusalem Post)


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The head of the Jerusalem Municipality is Rabbi Rabbi Ary Stearn, a Muslim ally, who died in road accident in November 1990, was buried in a Jewish cemetery. This is due to the refusal of the Quraish to be used in al-Qaisr al-Qaisash Mosque in eastern Jerusalem.

"Because the Muslims are not ready to bury him," he wrote in stardom. We decided to "change their bad deeds".

According to the Jewish Orthodox tradition, a Jewish cemetery, which is not a Jew, can not be buryed.

Eyewitnesses said the bodies had been hampered by the bodies before burialing the dead at Al Masjid mosque. Residents say Croresh, a real estate transaction with the Jews, is a "traitor".

According to eyewitness accounts, a fishery broke out during the entrance to the mountain between the families of Quresh and a group of young men who were forced to bring the body from the masjids.

Recently, Palestinian Islamic religious authorities in eastern Jerusalem renewed the call for the sale of Arab proprietorship to Jews. The authorities also wanted to boycott anyone involved in such transactions. To boycott the Muslims in the mosque or to stone the stone or stone.

Khalid Abu Thomas donated this report.

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