Tuesday , August 16 2022

Israeli forces block 15 Palestinians


On Saturday, fifteen people were injured in the Orif village in the south-western part of the North West Bank City of Nablus. Israeli soldiers were injured. Israeli colonies are illegal occupation for the construction of Palestine.

Israel plans to illegally illegally invade the Palestinian people. Israeli attack took place when hundreds of olive trees were planted against the natives and activists.

An army was killed in an explosion in the eastern part of the village of Orif.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that two gunmen were shot dead. One of them was shot in the thigh and a man who was injured immediately injured his waist.

13 drug users underwent surgery, but injuries to injuries sustained by Israeli rubber-covered steel bullets injured.

Israel has prevented Palestinians from planting and maintaining their agricultural lands. The construction and extension of their unlawful colonies was to call the army "military necessities."


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