Tuesday , January 31 2023

Israeli soldiers deported to eighteen Palestinians in West Bank – IMEMC News


Israeli soldiers reportedly kidnapped According to the Palestinian prisoners Society (PPS), eighteen Palestinians shot to death in several parts of the West Bank on Tuesday.

Prior to the kidnapping of seven Palestinians, the invading army attacked the PPS officers in Hebron in the south and attacked several houses.

Mohandar Abdullah-Fathah Rajabe (23), who was shot dead by seven livestock troops in his right foot two years ago.

The PPS has warned that the surgery will have serious complications, especially since he requires surgery, rehabilitation, sustainable treatment and follow-up.

Mohammed Thaizer AlArash (24), Hamza Tareq Ghetit, Fahah Hamdi Abu Marya (22), brother Yahya (24), Khatab Wahid Abu Maria and Mohammed Sameer Abu Aram were also abducted. The Jews repeatedly attacked Jesus before he was kidnapped.

The PSP personnel destroyed the main gate of the foil house and searched for property, and Haider, son of his son, in addition to paying their clubs and rifles, created excessive properties.

Mehr Ahmed Tahar (21), Mahdi (24) and Shaadi Dar Khaleel (21) were kidnapped by the army at Ramallah in the central West Bank.

In addition, soldiers hijacked homes in the city of Hesse, east of Jerusalem, and searched for homes, Mohammad Hamza Salahuddin and Mozi Abdul Rahman Khatib.

The army sacked Sahib Sarakhi and Umar Sarkaky in the West Bank of Nablus.

In Jeni, in the North West Bank, soldiers were kidnapped by Sahar Jamal Sa'Rar.

In addition, the army kidnapped two Palestinians, Ahmad Shaban Nafal and Mohammed Isham Khalid, from their homes in Khalilai in the North West Bank.

The army was kidnapped by Adham Ismail Sabarin in the town of Saavia in Salfil governorate.

Majeed Rajabi (34), a resident of Southern West Bank Hebron, was allegedly kidnapped by Mohammed Abu Arram, a local soldier from the town of Hebron, south of Hebron.


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