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The Palestinian Journalists' Society (PJS) has strongly condemned the use of a terrorist bomb that has been used by the Israeli occupation army using fire and bomb blasts using the QLD's checkpoint in the International Federation of Journalists. PJS president Nas Abu Baker has provoked a grenade using a gas bomb that has targeted his shoulders. Colombian member of the executive committee of the International Federation of Journalists Admiral Hertado and a board member of the PJS asked Manal Khamis to be transferred to medical clinic.

International Journalist Identity, IFJ's Presidential Invitation, a clear attack on world journalists, and disrespect to all international conventions. Contributions, all of them, including Jerusalem, have a clear violation of journalists to work and work freely in the Palestinian territories.

The PJS assures that this attack in front of world journalist leaders is pride of occupation and the racism that protects the Israeli regime.

Moreover, the Palestinian right to resist all the free Sounds Targeting, to reveal the crimes of the occupation, the Palestinian people with a bad attempt to hinder journalists, confirmed to the world that pije'es clear messages, and violence will be applied to recognize the occupation of the state power, On only one logic.

The PJS emphasized that this attack would not affect the agenda of IFJ conferences and international conferences. Likewise, it did not interfere with journalists to carry out their duties.

Palestine Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MUDA) claims Israeli invasion of Palestine and unrestrained attacks on international journalists. Most of them are in tear gas bombings.

Palestinian journalist syndicate group expressing solidarity with Palestinian journalists and their right to move through Israeli checkpoints, organized a journalist organized by the Campandia refugee camp and joined Germany's North Caalandia checkpoint. Nevertheless, the PNN calculation survived the need for stann grenades, tear-cancers etc. An organizational leader was injured. Including a guest journalist to attend a conference – that they identified through their newspapers and raised the IFJ card.

In March, local journalists, members of the International Federation of Journalists and Arab Federation Federation of Journalists participated. Everyone participates in an international media conference in Ramallah, titled "Fire-Fire."

Israeli occupation forces suppressed journalist protesters at a distance of 300 meters away from Khalandhi's check post. Gas bombs have been shot from a launcher that was installed by the military. It damaged dozens of journalists. The International Federation of Journalists, Philip Laurent, Abdul Wahab Saikhilat, Head of the IFJ's Freedom Committee, journalist Adria, member of the International Federation of Columbia Executive Committee, Palestine Journalist Syndicate General Secretariat member Manal Khamis has been admitted to medical clinic for treatment. The head of Palestine journalist Nasser Abu Bakr was thrown into the right shoulder by a gas bomb.

Madam International has ensured that international law guarantees the people a form of peaceful assembly and protest. But the Palestinian people, especially journalists, still show the misdeeds of this right of the Israeli military.

Therefore, the confrontation of the attacks is adversely affected by excessive attacks. The main reason for the continuation of these attacks is the Israeli army and international relations with the occupied territories above the law.

The Mandawa Center has called on all the countries to go through international organizations, including the United Nations and its Security Council. These crimes were responsible for Israel. The attacks on journalists were expressed peacefully.

11/18/18 Israeli soldiers made their way to Jerusalem, with Palestine and international journalists


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