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Activists will take part in the protest in Jerusalem in July, which will be a stray

Activists took part in the protest in Jerusalem in July, which would strengthen the monopoly of the main Rabbin on the change in Israel.
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Show me then

The measurement published by the Chief Rabbin on Tuesday for the transition and validation of the royal court for divorce purposes means that thousands of Orthodox converts will not get recognition in Israel.

The ITIM Religious Services Association has fought for six years, how it defines how the orthodox rabbinical courts accept to accept the concrete personal status of converting and divorce, and the body has declared these standards.

ITIM Director Rabbi Seth Ferreira criticized this criterion and said that they are not based on Jewish law but have been made to make political monopoly on Jewish personal status issues.

"It's about power, institutions and concentration, and it's unprecedented in Jewish history," said Rabbi.

The new standards clearly specify that despite the fact that only the permanent rabিনcic court will be called "which is called on regular basis and with three permanent rbi-judicial judges", despite the fact that most of the rabbinic courts in the diaspora are not in court, and do not conform to the criteria of the Chief Rabbinet .

This means that many conversions made by excessive conservative rabbinical courts in the US in the local communities will not be identified by the Chief Rabbinet, which means that many such converts would not be considered Jewish by the Jewish state. It is not eligible to be transferred here and will not be able to get married here too.

Moreover, those who have divorced by such courts, whose probability is also thousands, will not be divorced by the Chief Rabbinet.

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In this situation, Diaspora is likely to create a vulnerability to conservative conversion and divorce and to those who have tried to try and transfer Israel to their descendants.

Divorced children divorced and then divorced after getting married. Mazzarim, Which is a very problematic situation with serious personal reactions to those involved in Jewish law.

The new criteria also make it extremely difficult for the new Tribunal Court to be established in the future by the Chief Rabbinet, and it determines that no new rbiinical courts can be established in the city, except that there exists a rbiic court, Except for rare circumstances.

And such current beliefs should not be accepted until the existing Rabbinical Courts, which are now recognized by the Chief Rabbin, their rabbinical judges need to travel to Israel and investigate by Israel's Supreme Tribunal Court's Rabinal Judges.

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