Friday , June 18 2021

Moey Lion was elected Mayor of Jerusalem: J wire

Mauhiya Layan's secular leader, Over Berkovich, slowed down at 10 pm and declared the winner for 6,000 votes. After 3% at Obama's jail

Moshe Lion photo by Hilille Meyer / TPS 14 November 14

Lion, 57, mayor replace Ner Burke is replaced twice in 2008.

"I will be the mayor of all citizens of Jerusalem," said Lion in a speech at an exhibition in the industrial area, told the two in the first speech. "And those who have not chosen me, but have time to do this now, and we are facing the challenges of this miracle."

Lion is the chairman of the Israeli Railway Railway, former Director General of Prime Minister, Chairman of Jerusalem Development Authority and a member of Jerusalem City Council. He was ranked second in the Jerusalem municipal elections after Barclayt's defeat in 2013.

Berkovich, who was freed in the Jerusalem movement, said his lawmakers would examine irregularities in the polls. The votes of soldiers and prisoners have not yet been counted.

The secular and nationalist religions supporting Burkovic to retain Holy Orthodox from the Orthodox Orthodox Church have won the last fight.

Agudat Israel's Tahah Sajaz's Council decided not to support either, but Shoes and Lee's support of the United Dalara Jewish Party's Daimler Hutara supported him. Lion enjoyed the support of Defense Minister Aidére Libertan.

The secular and radical Orthodox Christians in Jerusalem had suffered for years in the influence of the city's religion. Sabath opened entertainment centers, cultural struggles, new secular schools and kindergartens. Gay Pride parades in the city.

Approximately 850,000 Jewish Israelis, more than 850,000 Orthodox Jews and 300,000 Palestinian members are boycotting the Israeli election in the 850,000 UK population.

The first round municipality held on October 30, 2013, included governments including environmental protection and governance ministers, including Seville Elkin. Prime Minister Netanyahu supported but failed. Voting right 19.8%, Moshe Lion 33.3%, Opel Burkovic 28.8% voting, Yosi Dyke, Ashkanasi Hareri, 17.2%, former Barclay advisor and Salman 0.8%. In the first round, the constituencies that had a majority in 40% were in the second round.

In addition to Jerusalem, 55 municipalities and nearly two million people went to the second round on Tuesday night. Mayer Israel Singer from Ramat Gan, former Lekkud MK Carmel Sharma Kohn defeated Israel's fourth largest city, Rashon Lesion, was defeated by Mussor Dov Cusur, Raz Kansallich, Gush Ession, and Shola Neman, the head of the Councils, to Moss Sevia.

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