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This week's new DVD releases attract love in a variety of ways.

"Crazy Rich Asians"; "Crazy Criach Richians" is the first modern Hollywood film to attract Asian actors since its inception in 1993, "Craig Ritchi Aries". The glittering world of the film is about the absence of diversities in the film.

There is an argument that "Crazy Rich Asians" do not intend to be an Asian film, but it seems to be one of the common romantic comedies over the years. Tom Hens and Meg Ryan used to steal our hearts because the movie is known as "Sleepless in Singapore" in Singapore.

"Little watercolor"; 2.5 stars: a young correspondent (William Mosley) and younger sister (Loreto Perat) meet at a circus Elizabeth (Popeye Dartonton), a beautiful mangler in a glass tank. The pair will soon find out.

"The Little Memory" The best thing is dragon. Her performance has such an attractive quality, and it's easy for someone to love him, tail or tail. Drayen introduces a character that can be magnificent at any moment to save life. The film brings the energy, life and charm that looks like a journey in the graded sea. The high is something somewhere.

"Blind Spot"; 3.5 stars: A picture like an experimental Edgar Rück by a psychologist depends on an individual's view. Take a look at the "Blind Spot" by David Degas and Rafael Kassel and take different perspectives on one of the Stage Diletties.

On the surface, the society passes through a larger transformation, an accusation and love letter to Auckland in California. With the opening of the film, production and production of the product can be very interesting. The ultimate layer of contrasts and contradictions shows how the two grown ups as the same outbation. But they become different in the way they behave like black and white.

DVD and Blu-ray November 20

"KIN": Encron, the brother of his adopted brother, found only a mysterious weapon to save himself from a vindictive criminal character.

"Lucifer": Walks through the lane looking for a teenager, but finds a world of black mass instead.

"Doug Days": When a barista (Vanessa Hudgens) finds a flawless chihuahua, she learns that a consumer (John Bass) will lead a patron agency.

"Pande Star Christmas": Papa's brothers carelessly turning away from Santa's slate.

"Little Italy": Nicki (Emma Roberts) and Leo (Hedan Christensen), who play childhoods, but have drug dealings.

"Fireworks": The animation story of a young girl has the power to reset the shiny multipilitated pan clock found on the sea.

"Longmeer: ​​The Complete Series": Whiping Sherrif Walt Longmore (Robert Taylor) includes all six seasons of the cable that follows.

"Candyman": 90s Cultural Terror Classic has released a special Blu-ray version.

"The Ladybug": An Animated Story of a Ladybug, who escaped from his laboratory gag, joined the dragon's full-handed Dan.

"No Offense: Series 2": DV Vivian Deering (Jonana Scanlan) in his bomb blast in the blast, his team was assassinated with a crime family materiae.

"Crackdown Big City Blues": The brutality and violence trying to seize drug traffickers from drug dealers is seen in a society that seeks to protect citizens from epidemics.

"It's a wonderful life": Frank Capra Classic Jimmy Stuart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore are available on 4K digital rehabilitation.

"Urban Legend": The college student (Alicia Witt) self finds itself in the center of the brutal murder series inspired by urban legends. First released in 1998.

"Frontline: The Left behind the United States": Some 10 years after the financial crisis, some communities are fighting for economic rehabilitation.

"My love for me": A special time is to join the "CC" trio in the classic edition. Romeo Snyder stars.

Digital HD on November 20 is new

"The Donne Walls": American Rock Climbers, Tommy Carlwell and Kevin Georgeson make the impossible unusual Don Wall.

"Mission: Impossible – Faulout": Tom Cruise's Hunt Hunt helps an impossible mission to save the world again. Blu-ray, DVD on December 4.

"Operation Finish": Israeli intelligence agent Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) leads a secret mission to grab Adolf EyeMan. Blu-ray, DVD on December 4.

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